About us

As actor of advice for the executive management project management and assistance to the contracting authorities, CCM assists companies, administrations and governments to identify and implement programs of development and modernization. From design to implementation, CCM defines plans and accompanies actions of adaptation to developments strategies, technologies, organizations and people. The CCM service offer covers all the main aspects of management. The approaches that are developed help to release human energy, improve internal efficiency and their impact outside the organisation by:

  • Developing new strategies
  • Introducing organisational, operating, monitoring and forecasting systems
  • Managing complex projects in a collective and organised manner
  • Innovating the actions undertaken and developing positive images through effective communication.

CCM's work is based on the principle of business internationalisation and partnerships based on means and resources, all within a framework of national and international cooperation:

  • A multidisciplinary committee of project leaders coordinates and drives action programmes
  • Experts in various domains take part in projects according to the specific requirements of each mission
  • Project Managers coordinate our involvement
  • International offices, affiliated companies and partners all take part in and support your development  

CCM’s advantages are :

  • Its ability to achieve strategic change through ideas, people, new technology and international alliances
  • The quality of its representatives, business managers and expert consultants, all professionals endowed with extensive managerial abilities and proven skills in international and multicultural environments.
  • Monde - 01/10/2016
    Experts en Télécommunication et technologie de l’information -
  • Monde - 01/10/2016
    Experts en Transport et Infrastructure -
  • Kyrgyzstan - 18/01/2018    New
    Rule of Law Expert - Category III
  • Monde - 01/10/2016
    Experts en Gouvernance et affaires intérieures -
  • Monde - 01/10/2016
    Expert en Santé -
  • Kyrgyzstan - 18/01/2018    New
    Rule Law of Expert - Category II
  • Monde - 01/10/2016
    Experts en Macroéconomie, statistiques, finances publiques -
  • Monde - 01/10/2016
    Experts en Environnement -
  • Monde - 01/10/2016
    Experts en Commerce, normes et secteur privé -
  • Monde - 01/10/2016
    Experts en Cultures, éducation, emploi et affaires sociales -
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