Change management

Globalization and gradual integration of national economies into an open , international field: economic crisis, competition, deregulation and decentralization, make organizational structures and working methods obsolete .We are confronted with an open system that is forcing all our economic and social structures to change.

Faced with these socio-economic realities, all policy managers and companies are now asking these key questions :

  • How do we make things change?
  • How do we make our organisations more competitive?
  • How do we act on our structures, systems, and culture?
  • And with what means?

CCM Consulting Group offers you a range of dedicated services:

  • Accompanying organizations in their transformation projects internally, to ensure that these transformations are understood, integrated and embodied by the staff.
  • Creating structures and cultures that adhere to a system of a perpetual change.
  • Conflict resolution.

CCM has compiled a tool-box and a custom method to bring this type of project to a successful conclusion. .

Definition of policy and modernisation program
  • Management audit.
  • Validation of comments and proposals (working groups and hierarchy).
  • Assistance in the preparation of a "Draft Guidance" with a working group and validation by the hierarchy.
  • Definition of a strategy and communication plans.
Assisting the implementation of a modernization program
  • Assistance of the change management, supporting modernization program implementation , animating work groups and follow-up meetings.
  • Development of organizing program and human resources, definition of training needs and training of trainers.
  • For each project, developing action plans, defining missions and responsibilities within the framework of a participatory approach.
  • Implementation monitoring , evaluation, adjustment, reprogramming and work documents formalization.  
  • Motivation Study and the establishment of adapted system.
  • Adjusting and reprogramming.
Proposed approach
  • Project preparation .
  • Announcement of starting date and communicating staff.
  • Diagnostic operation.
  • Advanced issues and draft guidance development.
  • Project communication and working groups implementation.
Implementation arrangements:

Adapting services to the client's needs:

  • assisting orientation project definition.
  • Training and support working groups.
  • Ongoing "time-sharing" assistance and advice.
  • One-off missions to deal with particular problems.
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