Customised training

Today, the status and aim of training have changed considerably. With its emphasis on openness, efficiency and competitiveness, training is a strategic aid to modernising administrative bodies and bringing companies up to date.

On one hand, training is an investment, the return on which the organisation must be able to measure.

On the other hand, incorporated into its strategy, it must be based on the realities experienced by organisations and contribute in the same way towards their development and to that of their employees.

Proposed approach:

A 6 phase method to better respond to the specific issues faced by each client:

  • An exploration of the context.
  • Audit.
  • Recommendation of the training content.
  • Testing.
  • Training/coaching.
  • Accompagnement.

Implementation arrangements

Adapt the services to the client's needs:

  • Assist with the definition of a training plan running over several years.
  • Organise and implement the training.
  • One-off missions to deal with particular problems.
  • Algeria - 11/01/2019
    Expert Spécialiste en Administration Financière et Contractuelle de Projet,confirmé - Catégorie I
  • South Sudan - 22/01/2019    New
    Key Expert 2 - Category II
  • Burkina Faso - 22/01/2019    New
    Chef de mission - Categorie III
  • Burkina Faso - 22/01/2019    New
    Réalisateur - Category III
  • South Sudan - 22/01/2019    New
    Team Leader - Category I
  • South Sudan - 22/01/2019    New
    Key Expert 3 - Category III
  • Algeria - 11/01/2019
    Chéf d’équipe - Catégorie I
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