Human Resource Management

The objective of human resource management is to respond to changes affecting the work organization and the skills required by new work situations. It is about identifying gaps and training needs and implementing policy managing of human resources.

CCM proposes organizing the process of human resources management around your strategy by:

  • Identifying gaps between current and future needs and job skills.
  • Anticipating predictable deviations and implementation of policies and action plans to reduce them.
  • The identification of training needs.
  • The developing of plans of multiannual training.
  • Formalizing the media work and developing an information system HRM.

Implementation arrangements

Adapting services to the client needs:

  • Analysis of the probable evolution of existing resources.
  • Definition of desirable jobs.
  • Design and implementation of action plans (training, recruitment, mobility and internal retraining work organization and working time arrangements, departure and external conversions ...).
  • Development of job descriptions of jobs-types
  • Development of management tools and HR and their computerization
  • Identification of the needs of training and elaboration of multiannual plans of training.
  • Training of trainers.
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