Financial engineering  

  • Financial analysis and sizing for projects in various business sectors and domains: industry, services, vocational training, education, sport, new technologies, tourism, leisure, etc.
  • Financial evaluations and re-engineering for companies.
  • Financing studies for projects and partner searches.
  • Profitability and financial sensitivity analysis.
  • Portfolio optimisation management.
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO).
  • Financial diagnosis, evaluation of financial opportunities for companies and NGOs and optimisation, merger/acquisition.
  • Investment optimisation and guidance with the search for subsidies.
  • Analysis and implementation of cost accounting and an effective budgeting system.
  • Analysis and implementation of a budget control system.
  • Development project financing and the search for backers.
  • Study and preparation of documents for financial institutions.
  • Study and introduction of a financial optimisation and control system.
  • Study and restructuring of companies in difficulty: financial risk analysis, drawing up financial rescue programmes, profitability studies for restructuring projects and forecast risk measurement.
  • Algeria - 11/01/2019
    Chéf d’équipe - Catégorie I
  • Burkina Faso - 22/01/2019    New
    Réalisateur - Category III
  • Burkina Faso - 22/01/2019    New
    Chef de mission - Categorie III
  • South Sudan - 22/01/2019    New
    Team Leader - Category I
  • South Sudan - 22/01/2019    New
    Key Expert 2 - Category II
  • South Sudan - 22/01/2019    New
    Key Expert 3 - Category III
  • Algeria - 11/01/2019
    Expert Spécialiste en Administration Financière et Contractuelle de Projet,confirmé - Catégorie I
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