Macroeconomy, Statistics and Public Finance Management

CCM is a member of the consortium DFC, Spain and constantly recruits human resources and experts to intervene in short missions in the field of Macroeconomy, Statistics and Public Finance Management.

Transversal expertise

As a minimum, the expertise is required to cover the entire project cycle:

  • Programme or project design and implementation,
  • Preparation of Terms of Reference (services) and technical annexes (works, supplies) and evaluation of offers (Procurement),
  • Evaluation of grant proposals
  • Evaluations (ex-ante, interim, ex-post etc.), monitoring

As well as a number of horizontal aspects:

  • (Cross-) sectoral policy analysis and reforms,
  • Macroeconomics,
  • Public financial management
  • Legislation, regulations and law enforcement, approximation of legislation,
  • Institutional capacity development,
  • Training and research,
  • Awareness-raising, (incl. information and communication)
Technical Description :

Macro economy

  1. Macroeconomic analysis / reforms
  2. Debt issues
  3. Economic growth
  4. Poverty analysis


  1. National statistical systems

Public financial management (PFM)

  1. Assessment, diagnosis and reform of Public financial management
  2. Audit, Internal and external
  3. Tax policy, revenue
  4. Budgeting
  5. Public procurement
  6. Public sector accounting systems

  • Burkina Faso - 22/01/2019    New
    Réalisateur - Category III
  • South Sudan - 22/01/2019    New
    Key Expert 2 - Category II
  • South Sudan - 22/01/2019    New
    Team Leader - Category I
  • Burkina Faso - 22/01/2019    New
    Chef de mission - Categorie III
  • Algeria - 11/01/2019
    Chéf d’équipe - Catégorie I
  • South Sudan - 22/01/2019    New
    Key Expert 3 - Category III
  • Algeria - 11/01/2019
    Expert Spécialiste en Administration Financière et Contractuelle de Projet,confirmé - Catégorie I
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