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Gouvernement marocain

Support for the Delegation of the European Union to the Kingdom of Morocco for the identification and formulation of a territorial development program in Morocco
DUE Royaume Du Maroc

Contribute to the implementation of the EU's cooperation strategy with the Kingdom of Morocco, in particular in promoting sustainable and inclusive growth for human development and strengthening democracy and local governance

Support for the High Commission plan for the development of a national framework Quality insurance (CNAQ) statistics
Haut-Commissariat au Plan Maroc

The overall objective of the project is to improve the quality of statistics produced by Morocco. The specific objective is to support the establishment of a national framework for quality assurance of statistics, meeting the requirements of the Acquis and European best practices

Strengthening investigativing capacities and violations of human rights management by the National Council for Human Rights
Conseil National Des Droits De L’homme

In accordance with the project financing agreement 'Protecting and promoting human rights in Morocco', this provision is intended to carry out a mission to support technical assistance for institutional strengthening of the National Council of Human Rights.

Monitoring program to support national sanitation program - PNA -

Support the European Union in monitoring the implementation of the program, Support the European Union in the sectoral policy dialogue with Morocco on thematic sanitation and industrial pollution related to the program. Regular monitoring of the implementation of the reforms supported by the program and sector related policies

Support the Interministerial Commission Responsible for formulating national maintenance strategy communal road network
Ministère de l'économie et des finances

Contribute to the maintenance of political opening up of Morocco. Provide technical and organizational support to the Interministerial Commission (IC) responsible for the development of the maintenance strategy of the municipal road network.

Final evaluation of the support program for the Association Agreement (P3A II) & Mid-term evaluation of the program to support the action plan (PA3 III)
Ministère de l’Économie et des Finances (MEF)

Accordance with the provisions of each convention program funding P3A P3A II and III, this mission aims to achieve: - the final evaluation P3A II and the mid-term evaluation of the program P3A III.

Mission de suivi du programme appui au programme national d’assainissement - PNA
Ministères des finances, environnement

Le programme d'Appui au PNA a pour objectifs de contribuer à la mise en pratique de la gestion intégrée des ressources en eau (GIRE) et d'accroitre l'accès à l'assainissement, notamment pour les catégories sociales les plus démunies.

Suivi du Programme de Consolidation et d'approfondissement de la Réforme de l'administration et de la Gouvernance Publiques
Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances

le Maroc tend à réformer, améliorer et consolider ses fondamentaux macroéconomiques. le pays s'est aussi engagé dans une démarche globale de réforme du système de gestion de la performence au sein du secteur publique . l'objectif de cette mission est d'améliorer l'efficacité de l'Etat dans la gestion des ressources budgétaires,la gestion des ressources humaines aussi que La consolidation et la maîtrise de la masse salariale et La Simplification des procédures et administration électronique.

Studies legal and regulatory mechanisms for the reuse of treated wastewater (RECEIVED) in non-agricultural areas
Département environnement Maroc

The current institutional framework in Morocco hampers the effective implementation of adequate management policies adapted and operational wastewater. The objective of this mission is to confront the technical and legal requirements for REUE with existing provisions in Morocco then propose additions to consider to complete the legal corpus existant.non-agricultural areasées (RECEIVED) in non-agricultural areas

Support program for the reform of the transport sector in Morocco
Ministère de l'économie et des finances au Maroc

the EU decided to support a reform whose objectives are adapting and upgrading the legislative and institutional framework; the disengagement of the state, namely the privaisation of commercial activities and the opening to competition and to private operators, when they avèrenet possible, in the management of healthy transport infrastructure, sustainable and competitive in the international market

monitoring mission of the Community program of consolidation and deepening of the reform of public administration and governance in Morocco (PARL II)
Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances

Morocco has initiated several years ago a remediation strategy and consolidation of public finances and an ambitious program of structural reforms of its économie.L'objectif of this mission is to consolidate and deepen the achievements of reform Moroccan government implemented to date

Support to the Board of Education for the establishment of the national assessment body
Conseil Supérieur de l’Enseignement

The Morocco Action Plan / European Union considers a priority action "support the system of education and training." The objective of this mission is to assist the Moroccan authorities in their project to equip the Moroccan system of independent assessment body and to enable the measurement of internal and external performance and maintain high levels requirement.

Improved motivation and productivity of staff
GIS North Africa - GAP Afrique du Nord

Recognizing the importance of the human factor for a successful strategy, GAP would like to confirm and optimize its brand leader among its staff and the labor market. The expected results of this action is the permanent improvement of motivation and production staff.

Identification of a twinning or technical assistance project for the benefit of the Customs and Excise (DnA)
Administration des Douanes et Impôts Indirects

Regulatory convergence between the Kingdom of Morocco and the EU Acquis is the cornerstone of building and success of Morocco's advanced status in its relations with the European Union. The objective of this mission is to contribute, through the provision of specialized technical assistance in the implementation of the EU strategy for cooperation with the Kingdom of Morocco in the field of capacity building Moroccan authorities.

Evaluation finale - Modernisation des Juridictions
Ministère de la Justice

Le projet « Modernisation des Juridictions au Maroc », financé par l'Union européenne s'est inscrit dans le cadre du Plan Quinquennal de développement économique et social du Royaume 2000 – 2004. La présente mission a pour objet de réaliser l’évaluation finale de ce projet, telle que prévue par la Convention de Financement, a fin de tirer des leçons et formuler des recommandations utiles pour l'identification d'un futur programme d’appui au secteur de la Justice au Maroc.

Technical assistance to strengthen the organizational and operational capacity of the support program of the Administration Unit of the Morocco / EU Action Plan (UAP)
Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et de la Coopération

In 2010, the second phase of the program to support the Agreement EU-Morocco Association (P3A II) was the subject of a mid-term evaluation. Following the conclusions and recommendations of the evaluation, the program steering committee decided to finance technical assistance to identify the needs of the PSU. The objective of this mission is to strengthen the organizational and operational capacity of the PSU to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of its actions.

End of project evaluation Roads and Trails Farm in northern Morocco
Ministère de l’Equipement et du Transport

Pursuant to Article 2.6 of the Financing Agreement concerning the project "Rural roads and tracks in northern Morocco," an assessment of project completion, in its technical, administrative and financial, is performed by a team of consultants independent, in order to assess the impact on the inter-provincial integration of Provinces affected by the project and the degree of opening up achieved.

Studies legal and regulatory mechanisms for the reuse of treated wastewater (RECEIVED) in non-agricultural areas
Departement Environnement Maroc

Water Resources Integrated Management is a necessity in a country where the threshold of 500 m3 per capita will be reached in about fifteen years. Wastewater must now be considered as resources to consider. The volume of only domestic wastewater is about 600 million m3

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