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Technical audit for the evaluation of offers and monitoring the construction of the natioanl medicines quality control laboratory and office complex in Lusaka, Zambia
Autorité zambienne de réglementation des médicaments

"The first aim of the mission is to provide guidance and report on the tender evaluation process of the works tender for the construction of the laboratory and office complex by participating as an observer in the works tender evaluation committee which will be chaired by the Ministry of Finance (NAO); the second aim is to carry out “on the spot” visits/technical audits during the 18-month construction period in order to monitor project implementation; the third aim is to share information on the findings of the carried out “on the spot” visits/technical audits with key stakeholders (e.g. EU Delegation, members of the HSS Technical Working group). "

Technical Audit For The Evaluation Of Offers And Monitoring The Construction Of The National Medicines Quality Control Laboratory And Office Complex In Lusaka, Zambia
Autorité de réglementation des médicaments Zambie

The main objective is to support the European Union contribution aimed at sustainably improving the availability of good quality essential medicine for the Zambian people.

Mid-Term Evaluation of the 10th EDF Support to the Regional Multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence (RMCE)
Centre régional d'excellence multidisciplinaire (CREM) ZAMBIE

The overall objective of the RMCE start-up project is to contribute to improved regional integration and regional cooperation policy decision making processes and regulatory quality in the ESA-IO Region. The specific objective is the improvement of knowledge, managerial skills and competences in Regional Economic Integration among relevant stakeholders: Regional Organisations (ROs), key ministries, agencies civil society and especially the private sector.

Mission to Support Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority to prepare the interventions for an agreed EU support project
Ministère de la santé

This Mission is to assist ZAMRA in the planning of the agreed activities under the EU with regard to the construction of new permises, the procurent of equipment and the recruitment of external expertise.

Final evaluation of the Mining Sector Diversification Programme
Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development

Diversification of the Mining Sector Program aims to increase export earnings by economic diversification and generate employment opportunities to alleviate poverty.

Airport Master Plan
National Airports Corporation Limited

The objective of this mission is to provide a long-term plan for the development and modernization of the airports designated to ensure the realization of investments and development projects and meet future customer demand.

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