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Ordonnateur National du FED

Technical Assistance to the Directorate General Of Public Works
Ministère des Travaux Publics et des Transports

The objective of the technical assistance to the DGTP is to strengthen the administrative and technical capacity of the latter to enable it to respond effectively to the various levels of the project cycle: programming, identification of new projects and studies, organization of tenders, project management of projects and finally, monitoring and evaluation.

Study of organizational and functional structures of MDCTTP - PR
Ministère des Travaux Publics et des Transports

The objective of this mission is to improve the performance of MDCTTP, particularly those structures and agencies involved in road transport in the light of new challenges and new features to endorse.

Ministère en charge des Finances et l'Institut national de la statistique et de l'analyse économique

This Evaluation aims to improve the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the Growth Strategy for Poverty Reduction and at longer term, the achievement of the Millennium Goals of Development

Mission identification and formulation of a project to support the justice reform
Ministère de la Justice

The Beninese Ministry of Justice has established the PIRSJJ used to develop and modernize the legal and judicial system in Benin. The objective of this mission is to make an inventory of the development of the sector computerization of political justice, and to proceed with the identification and formulation of the project to support reform justice.

Study baseline indicators of the logical framework of the transport sector
Ministère des Finances et de l’Economie – Ministère des Travaux publics et des Transports

The transport sector is an essential part of the Beninese economy. For this reason it is the subject of special attention of policy makers as evidenced by this study. The overall goal of this mission is the identification of the logical framework benchmarks of the transport sector and the establishment of an efficient system of monitoring and evaluation of the budget, based on relevant benchmarks, rational and measurable

Recruitment Seminar sect AT-194 road
Ministère des Travaux Publics

This operation is part of the strengthening of administrative and technical capacity of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, specifically in supporting the level of training. The MDCTTP-PR's mission is to develop and ensure the implementation of the state policy on transport and public works

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