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Mid-term review of the project to support the NAO and support to the formulation of a form action to support a transitional program to the system ON
Burundi MSPLS

The objective of this assignment is to assess whether the objectives of the 10th EDF CELON project have been achieved, and in doing so, the CELON performance level in monitoring the implementation of EDF projects in Burundi and propose an exit strategy from the current project to the internalization by governmental management of Community aid. Formulate the next program to be financed from the resources of the 11th EDF, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the current project that will result from the evaluation findings.

Audit of the implementation and monitoring of the work of access roads to the pulping-washing stations
Ministère des finances

The purpose of the provision is to provide decision makers in the government and EU information in quantity and quality sufficient to judge knowingly proper execution of work coffee runs under the provisions of the contract.

financial and organizational audit of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burundi
Le Ministère du Commerce de l’Industrie et du Tourisme

The implementation of the reform of the CCIB required a clear statement of its position material and financial. The audit mission is to better understand the quality of management, the degree of transparency, organization and financial capabilities of the CCIB Institution.

short-term technical assistance to specialized computer with the permanent office SIGEFI the Ministry of Finance of Burundi
Ministère des Finances

EC, as part of the planned institutional support in the Pabré program (general budget support under the 10th EDF) in Burundi is committed to continue the operation of the ISAC. The objective of the technical assistance is to ensure, through support to the team of the permanent office SIGEFI and Group 6, stabilization, securing and upgrading the IFMIS.

Financial and institutional audit of the use of HIPC funds
Ministère des Finances

The objective of this mission is to present to the Government of the Republic of Burundi and financial partners conclusions as to the use and the HIPC resources management in 2005-2007 and also give an opinion on the way which public money was spent.

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