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Roadworks and Sanitation Galabadja district (8th district) of the city of Bangui - Project Maboko na Maboko Central Africa
Délégation de la Commission Européenne en Bangui
Central African Rep

The project aims to drain and open up the area Galabadja particularly unsafe and inaccessible, which concentrates 13.3% of the population of Bangui in order to improve the living conditions of its inhabitants including the health and economic plans.

Urban Development Program Tenth EDF Feasibility Study
Ordonnateur National
Central African Rep

Bangui is involved in the project including component is the "rehabilitation of urban infrastructure" Tenth EDF NIP in the amount of € 10 million, designed to help players of Urban Development of the large Bangui to recover their mandates in a context more extensive revitalization of the urban fabric and its interface with the rural world, through structuring and sustainable investments.

Study for the updating of the Community code of Route in Central Africa
La Communauté Economique et Monétaire de l’Afrique Centrale
Central African Rep

Between 1994 and 2001, the CEMAC has managed to adopt a comprehensive set of regional regulations that provided a solid foundation for the modern transport policies. It is planned to assess the degree of implementation of Community legislation at the state level. The most urgent needs are the protection of the road, including the implementation of load limits allowed for vehicles and the safety of users.

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