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Support of the Program for Strengthening the Supply and Development of Access to Health Care in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (PRO DS)
République démocratique du Congo

As part of the "Program to strengthen the supply and development of access to health care in the Democratic Republic of Congo (PRO DS)" and the social protection reform that provides for the establishment of an insurance Mandatory disease, the EU is conducting this feasibility study to mark the horizon in terms of the potential role of EUP FASS in the framework of an insurance health system . The general objective of the mission is to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the PNDS through the preparation of a coherent and coordinated implementation of the PRO DS and thus contribute to the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the project. assistance provided under the PRO DS.

Mid-term evaluations of the Project to strengthen fiscal governance in the Republic of Congo (PGFIP) and indentificationlformulation projects. 11th EDF
Gouvernement du Congo

The assessment is provided in the technical and administrative requirements of the project financing agreement provisions, and provide decision-making bodies of the Government of Congo, services external cooperation relevant European comission and the general public.

Support to the EDF National Authorising Officer in the supervision of works and control building construction
Ordonnateur national du FED du Congo

The Project of Support to Governance (PAG) is part of a wider EU intervention in terms of institution building and good governance. The objective of this mission is to support the EDF National Authorising Officer to ensure control of studies and execution of construction of buildings of the new courthouse and rehabilitation of the Court of Accounts and buildings of courts spring of the Court of appeal of Kinshasa-Gombe.

Assessment of the institutional support project for the development of protected areas (PAVAP)
Ministère des Forets du Congo

The institutional support project to the Ministry of Forest Economy and Environment for the development of protected areas (PAVAP) comes under the 9th EDF. The objective of this mission is to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity of the Congo and Central Africa through the promotion of rational and sustainable use of forest ecosystems.

Study of identification of the 10th EDF project to support decentralization in the DRC
Gouvernement de la RDC, Ministères et services concernés, institutions provinciales de la RDC

This mission is in the context of support to the implementation of decentralization in the DRC. The objective of this mission is the development of a Project Identification Form and an action sheet for intervention in the local governance sector

Pre-feasibility study for the rehabilitation of the Port of Brazzaville
Port de Brazzaville

the European Commission received from the NAO, an aid application for a pre-feasibility study for the rehabilitation of the port of Brazzaville. This study will provide sufficient information to enable decision makers to justify their approval, modification or rejection of the proposed rehabilitation of the port of Brazzaville regarding the formulation of the latter.

Analysis / diagnosis of common service maintenance of waterways (SCVN) and environmental impact assessment of dredging activities
Port de Brazzaville

This project is part of the priority activities of the National Transport Plan, approved by Parliament in August 2006. The Congolese study for analysis / diagnosis SCEVN and the environmental impact assessment of its dredging activities will will allow implementation of activities in Support project Airworthiness Port of Brazzaville

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