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The EU Facility for Inclusive Growth and Job Creation
Ministère du commerce et de l'industrie

The global objective of this assignment is to assist the EU Delegation in Egypt in its capacity as the contracting authority for the the EU Facility for Inclusive Growth and Job Creation in administering the Call for Proposals EuropeAid/2018/161377/ DD/ACT/Egypt by providing technical expertise to assess submitted applications (concept note and full proposal phase) under this Call for Proposals.

Final Evaluation of the EU funded Abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Empowerment of Families' Joint Programme (ENPI/2011/278-885)
Délégation de Union Européenne - Gouvernement de Egypte

The final evaluation will provide the decision-makers in the EU Delegation, the Government of Egypt, UNDP and other relevant actors and stakeholders with sufficient information to: a. make an overall independent assessment about the past performance of the programme, paying particularly attention to the impact of the project actions against its objectives; Identify key lessons and to propose practical recommendations for follow-up actions

Final evaluation of the EU Funded "abondonement of female
Goverment of Egypte

The final evaluation will assess the efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and anticipated impact of the supported actions and the prospects for the sustainability of the benefits, as well as their relevance to the projects main objectives. The expert will provide practical recommendations for the follow up actions and lessons learned.

Les relations bilatérales entre l'UE et l'Égypte se sont développées presque exclusivement, grâce à la coopération financière prévue par le programme MEDA. L'objectif de cette mission est de contribuer à la mise au point, de l'eau durable ainsi que les services des eaux usées en Egypte, et ce en fournissant la base de développement à l'agence réglementaire égyptienne de l'eau.
Egyptian water and wastewater regulatory agency

Bilateral relations between the EU and Egypt have developed almost exclusively through the financial cooperation provided by the MEDA program. The objective of this mission is to contribute to the development of sustainable water and wastewater services in Egypt, and by providing the basis for developing the Egyptian regulatory agency of water.

Research, Development and Innovation Programme ”comprehensive assessment of the Egyptian innovation landscape”
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

The objective of this technical assistance is to conduct a comprehensive study to assess the general field of innovation and Egypt develop the innovation strategy and policy guidelines to be taken.

Interim Short Term Technical Assistance For the Development of AIR Functions to the EWRA
Agence Égyptienne de Régulation de l'Eau

The purpose of the current mandate is to continue to support the Water Agency Regulatory Egyptian (EWRA) by the short-term provision of technical assistance during the interim period between the end of the phase of the TA EU and the beginning of Phase II expected to start in October 2010. the aid is intended to cover a specific control function, ie the annual report information "AIR" already defined in phase I.

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