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Recruitment Of Technical Assistance To Support The Reformulation Of The CAF-EDF Missions And The Development Of The National Ordinator Program Of The 11th EDF
République Gabonaise

he general objective of the mission: 1, Support the CAON-FED of Gabon to reformulate its missions after evaluating its structure and its operating conditions in order to allow it to access other sources of financing of the European Union taking into account the responsibilities that could be attributed to it under the New European Consensus on Development, 2, Support the PAON manager and accountant in the development of a multi-year program proposal in which all capacity-building activities of CAON-EDF staff should be planned in order to allow this structure to better adapt to new roles it could play in the context of the New European Consensus on Development.

Realization of a one stop shop for mining
Republique Gabonaise

SYSMIN program, financed by the EDF can be considered a promising and appropriate response to the concerns of the Government of Gabon to seek new resources for economic and social development of pays.L'objectif of this mission is the establishment of a one stop shop for the mining sector in Gabon.

Mid-term evaluation of the project to support the mining sector
Ministère de la Planification

the objectives of this mission are the maintenance of the country's economic performance, sustainable management of environmental impacts and poverty reduction in remote areas through capacity building of the State to promote the mineral potential of Gabon to investors national and international private and regulate this sector in terms of environmental protection.

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