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Mid-term evaluation of the accompanying measures of the Budget Support Program (10th EDF) and formulation of a budget support program
Etat haïtien

The general objectives of this mission are to conduct the mid-term review of the 10th EDF SBC program and to contribute to the operationalization of the National Indicative Programme (NIP) of the 11th EDF for Haiti.

Final Evaluation of Programme of Environment Haiti and the Dominican Republic (PET)
Les Etats ACP – République d’Haïti et République Dominicaine

This project follows a first phase, which unfortunately stopped on the recommendations of the mid-term evaluation mission. The objective of this mission is to conduct the final evaluation and capitalization of the Border Environment Project PET and provide various project managers, objective analysis and conclusions on the results achieved.

Updating the national transport plan, and financial plan for 2008-2013
Ministère des Travaux Publics, Transports et Communication

With a budget of EUR 175 million allocated to road infrastructure, the National Indicative Programme under the 10th EDF (2008-2013) confirms the willingness of the EU to support the transport industry in Haiti. The objective of this mission is to contribute to economic and social development through the implementation of a clear sector strategy, coherent and effective in the transport sector.

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