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Support to the Vocational training corporation in establishement of a Training centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sector
Société de formation professionnelle en Jordanie

The Vocational Training Corporation, in coordination with the Ministry of Labour has entered into a public private partnership among donors, private sector and government to develop an internationally recognized Training Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceuticals to be established in Salt. The mission objective is to support the Vocational Training Corporation in the establishment of a Training Centre of Excellence for the Pharmaceutical Sector in Jordan

Evaluation of European Commission Support to private Sector Development
Turquie et la Commission européenne

It is expected that finding and recommendations from this evaluation will help the EC and Turkey to programme and implement future financial assistnace in the area coverded by this evaluation. the mission global objective is to conduct a strategic evaluation of the EU's past and present support to Private Sector Development in Turkey (2002-2012), and to provide recommendations to future actions.

Feasibility study for a Franco-Lebanese partnership in vocational training
MBS Beirut Modern School

After the civil war, economic enterprises are forced to innovate and adapt to changes in a constant dynamic update and progress. AFPI Sifor-Oise and BMS-Beirut Modern School, proposed to create a bridge for mounting a viable and mutually beneficial partnership. the objective in this mission is to define the business and technical strengths to define the steps and the right part of the implementation of the partnership etd'établir a Business Plan for the first 3 years.

Ministère de l'Environnement et des Forêts

Since 1986, legislation on the environment has been established in Turkey to limit organic gasses and vapor emissions. The objective of this mission is the control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to improve the quality of the environment in Turkey and to reduce and / or prevent potential risks to human health.

Specific terms of reference Ta for the preparation of documents for “modernization of border surveillance and control systems in pilot and prototype locations” under the project “integrated border management phase ii”
Unité de gestion intégrée des frontières

The eastern borders of Turkey are the eastern external borders of the EU, management of a comprehensive border security and its implementation is a priority. The objective of this mission is to support the Turkish government in the transformation of the current border management in integrated management and detailing the action plan as a roadmap.

Technical Assistance to the secondary support programme
Ministère de l’éducation
Syrian Arab Republic

The EU is involved in projects related to higher education, education and vocational training in Syria. The objective of this mission is upgrading the performance of human resources in Syria in accordance with national requirements and that through the reform and modernization of the secondary education sector in Syria.

Performance Appraisal Mission
Jordan MOPIC

The European Commission has granted in 2004 to € 30 million to support poverty reduction through local development in Jordan. At the end of assessing the impact of the central program administered in the field, a dual approach, based on qualitative and quantitative analysis, is to be followed to achieve the specific objectives of this mission are: Evaluate the performance indicators performance and assess progress made in reducing poverty.

Developing a brochure on the program European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights
Russian human rights NGOs
Russian Federation

Conferences organized by the EU Delegation to Mouscou, designed to provide visibility and to show moral support for the activities of NGOs of human rights in Russia. The objective of this mission is to strengthen the position of NGOs of human rights in Russia.

Institutional Support to the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority
L’instance de la zone économique spéciale d'Aqaba

The objective of this project is to increase the competitiveness of tourism products of Aqaba by the improvement and standardization of the quality level of tourism products and services.

Training in quality and production in the textile sector
Centre Technique de Textile - EJADA (programme d'appui au secteur privé Euro jordanien)

This mission was the preparation of training modules aim for industrial enterprises in the textile sector and conducting training workshops for managers and production managers

Mid-term evaluation of ELCIM - Euro-Lebanese Centre for Industrial Modernization
Industrial Modernisation Programme – Ministère de l’Industrie - Commission Européenne

In the Effective perspective of the Association Agreement between the EU and Lebanon, the Industrial Modernisation Programme was established in Lebanon in 2001 with the creation of a Business Centre in Beirut ( ELCIM). The mission is to submit an evaluation report to the entire program and concerning: its original design, management and implementation of activities, results achieved to date in terms of 'outputs' and their effects

Post Audit Training
L’instance de la zone économique spéciale d'Aqaba

The objective of this mission is to drive generic and specialized training programs for services for investors and food inspectors. The design and management of the audit will be presented retrospectively with practical cases on inspections during field visits.

Technical Assistance to asses common regulatory training needs and develop a training plan
Commission exécutive de privatisation

The Government of Jordan will promote a common approach to all regulatory bodies to avoid duplication, optimize the use of scarce professional resources and encourage integration of regulatory institutions in Jordan.

Cultural tourism development programme reinforcement of private sector
Ministère de culture
Syrian Arab Republic

This mission is part of the Cultural Tourism Development program funded by the European Commission and implemented through technical assistance for the benefit of the Ministry of Culture. The project objective is to support the Government to promote Syria as a tourist destination

Support to the Implementation of the Association Agreement - Financial Advisor to the PAO
Lebanese Presidency of council of Ministers

The Lebanese authorities have appealed to the European Commission to support the end Project implementation of the Association Agreement in three areas: free trade, improving the legislative and regulatory framework and institutional strengthening. The objective of this mission is to ensure the legality and regularity of all activities during the project implementation

Identification and Formulation of the Judiciary Modernisation Programme in Syria
Ministère de Justice
Syrian Arab Republic

The judicial system in Syria works very slowly and uses archaic methods. Support for modernization was provided for in the NIP 2008-2010 and is part of the priorities. The main objective of the European Commission support program would assist the Government of Syria in establishing an efficient and reliable legal system, improving the quality of legal services and access to the justice.

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