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Technical Assistance to the secondary support programme
Ministère de l’éducation
Syrian Arab Republic

The EU is involved in projects related to higher education, education and vocational training in Syria. The objective of this mission is upgrading the performance of human resources in Syria in accordance with national requirements and that through the reform and modernization of the secondary education sector in Syria.

Cultural tourism development programme reinforcement of private sector
Ministère de culture
Syrian Arab Republic

This mission is part of the Cultural Tourism Development program funded by the European Commission and implemented through technical assistance for the benefit of the Ministry of Culture. The project objective is to support the Government to promote Syria as a tourist destination

Identification and Formulation of the Judiciary Modernisation Programme in Syria
Ministère de Justice
Syrian Arab Republic

The judicial system in Syria works very slowly and uses archaic methods. Support for modernization was provided for in the NIP 2008-2010 and is part of the priorities. The main objective of the European Commission support program would assist the Government of Syria in establishing an efficient and reliable legal system, improving the quality of legal services and access to the justice.

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