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Improvement of accessibility for persons with disabilities - preparation of technical documentation for social infrastructure
Ministère Finances

The overall objective of the project is to improve social inclusion at the local level by ensuring equal access to public services for all citizens, in accordance with the Disability Prevention Act. The specific objectives of this contract are to supplement the technical documentation necessary for the effective adaptation and reconstruction of public buildings in the selected municipalities, with the aim of improving accessibility for people with disabilities and reduced mobility in the most underdeveloped municipalities of Levels III and IV.

Support data and evidence collection for the Torino process in Kosovo

The provision of expertise is needed to facilitate the collection of data and evidence for the Torino Process 2018-20 in Kosovo . The ETF, together with the national Torino Process national coordinator, will ensure that a participatory approach is applied in the policy analysis (through the organisation of focus groups and/or workshops), the provision of selected evidence (both quantitative and qualitative, as far as publicly available) on which to base the analysis, and the ownership of the final report (by ensuring participation in the discussions of the different drafts of the report).

Pre-feasibility study for the possible transport connection of Croatian territory
Ministère des Affaires maritimes, des Transports et de l'Infrastructure

To ensure continuity of the Republic of Croatia territory and provide security on the future EU external border, taking into account the existing EU legislation in the field of border and customs control, veterinary and phytosanitary inspection, Trans-European Transport Network and future political developments.

Design ft Community Score Card Mechanism for EU-WB health project, and support selection of implementers
Délégation de l'union Européenne en Swaziland

The Overal objective of the assigment is to contribute to poverty reduction in swaziland by improved social service delivery: better access and quality of services. The specific objective is to establish a community Score Card measuring citizen's satisfaction with health and social protection services. This will help monitor the overall progress of the EU/WB project.By community empowerment and dialogue with reponsive health authorities, improvement in acceqq and quality of health services is achieved.

TA for Supporting the Operating Structure in Implementation of the Operational Programme for Regional Development (OPRD) 2007-2009 – Preparation, Organisation and Carrying out Trainings
Operating Structure for Regional Development Component

The project objective is to train the operating structure for the regional development component, to strengthen its capacity and administrative skills and to carry out the tasks related to the management and implementation of IPA funds .

Support to the Border Police of Georgia for the elaboration of a Twinning Project Fiche concerning the Development of the effective and efficient Command and Border Technologies System
Border Police Of Georgia

To speed up the process of administrative reform and facilitate the design and implementation of public policies, it was agreed to extend the twinning instruments and TAIX Georgia. The objective of this technical assistance is the development of a twinning form describing in a clear and complete the project.

Ensurlng the compliance of the data protection legislatlon and prlnclples of Mauritius wlth EU standards
Le gouvernement de l'île Maurice

L'objectif de cette mission est de modifier la loi de protection des données dans le but d’atteindre la conformité avec les lois de protection de données de l'Union européenne et d'améliorer la configuration institutionnelle existante afin de respecter les normes internationales

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