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Joint framework for public finance management reform in New Caledonia
Gouvernement de la Nouvelle Calédonie
New Caledonia

The mission aims to present in a joint framework, the inventory of GFP of the CN, identifying all existing recommendations based on the weaknesses and strengths of GFP in New Caledonia and possibly supplement so that the government can then decide on a unified reform plan declined by priority and time. This plan is designed to facilitate the monitoring of progress, simplify the requirements for "reporting", increase the performance of public finance management and ultimately improve the efficiency and impact of public services to the population.

Joint Framework of Financial Management Reform of the New Caledonia
Gouvernement de la Nouvelle Calédonie
Nouvelle Calédonie

This mission aims to submi an inventory level of the performance of public finances based on the expectations and priorities of the Government of New Caledonia and its Direction of Budget and Financial Affairs ( DBAF )

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