Visual identity systems and design management

At the outset, a simple observation: everything is about signs. If we consider the company or local authority to be a system of signs, we must allocate a specific communication task to each of those signs.

A company’s or institution’s identity system is what enables all or part of an organisation to have the feeling of truly existing as a coherent (i.e. he knows where he’s going) and specific being, with a well-defined history and able to clearly stand out from the others.

The aim of design management is to define the tasks of each category of signs, to programme their evolutions and to evaluate the creative and investment means required to successfully accomplish these tasks.

CCM offers you a range of communication consultancy services to define and implement a specific, coherent visual identity system:

  • Analyse the status of the identity.
  • Semantic analysis of the perception of the identity .
  • Draw up a development plan and design specifications.

Implementation arrangements

Adapt the services to the client's needs:

  • Assist in developing a communication territory and specifications.
  • Design the materials and how they will be used.
  • Manage the identity system and train a manager or team.
  • One-off missions to deal with particular problems.
  • Algeria - 11/01/2019
    Chéf d’équipe - Catégorie I
  • South Sudan - 22/01/2019    New
    Key Expert 2 - Category II
  • South Sudan - 22/01/2019    New
    Key Expert 3 - Category III
  • Burkina Faso - 22/01/2019    New
    Chef de mission - Categorie III
  • South Sudan - 22/01/2019    New
    Team Leader - Category I
  • Algeria - 11/01/2019
    Expert Spécialiste en Administration Financière et Contractuelle de Projet,confirmé - Catégorie I
  • Burkina Faso - 22/01/2019    New
    Réalisateur - Category III
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