IT system  

An IT system is "a matter too serious to be left to the specialists". Too many organisations have paid the price of a situation in which the specialists have been left to themselves and have constructed extremely expensive "monuments" that were largely unusable because they were not appropriate to the challenges and requirements of the real world!

The IT system is first and foremost a matter for management, who must design it in the light of its own view of its performance and carry out close checks to ensure that it is appropriate.

And only then does the production of the IT system and its maintenance under operational conditions really become a matter for the IT professionals.

However, a close eye must be kept on two major risks.

Firstly, the architecture of the technical means assembled to construct the IT system must be flexible and upgradable enough to ensure that the organisation is not held back during its own inevitable changes and growth.

Secondly, software development must be kept as simple as possible, because it is difficult to manage and prone to unpredictable cost and delay overruns.

Do you want to implement a new IT system that applies to every workstation? This is a human resources issue! CCM can briefly introduce change management professionals directly into your organisation at key moments in the transition; they will be given the task of providing the extra energy, teaching and expertise required to competently overcome the hurdle.

Proposed approach:

  • Investigation .
  • Draw up an implementation plan.
  • Run the plan.

Implementation arrangements :

Adapt the services to the client's needs:

  • Ongoing "time-sharing" assistance.
  • One-off missions to deal with particular problems.
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