Expert anticorruption

Projet : Compliance reviews 2017 and 2018– EU Budget support programme Support to the Public Administration Reform in Georgia

Durée : 53 w.d Date de publication : 04/12/2017
Pays : Georgie Date soumission CV : 12/12/2017
Prestation : Court terme Date de démarrage : 15/01/2018

Profil demandé :

Qualification and skills
 At least master degree in field related to the mission or, in its absence, minimum 1 year of professional experience on top of general experience required below;
 Fluency in written and spoken English.
General experience
 At least 12 years of experience in the sector related to the Lot 7, Section A4: " A.4 Public administration reform, and civil service reform" ("PAR").
Specific experience
 At least 5 years international professional experience as advisor to/in public institutions on prevention and fight against corruption;
 Experience in Candidate or Potential candidate countries in area of fight against corruption will be a strong asset.
 Experience of previous similar assignment is an asset.
 Expert 3 shall be present at least 50 working days in Georgia (25 days per mission).

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Responsable :

Marwen Chawali: Senior Poject Manager:
Ines Hadjali: FWC Director:

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