Social Development /Gender Specialist (Support expert)

Projet : Selection of a consultancy firm to carry out a feasibility study on the Program to Build Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security in the Horn of Africa (HOA).

Durée : 6 Months Date de publication : 09/04/2020
Pays : Djibouti Date soumission CV : 14/04/2020
Prestation : Court terme Date de démarrage : 01/08/2020

Profil demandé :

Qualifications et compétences
- Should have a Masters’ Degree or equivalent in the field considered: Sociologist or socio-economist, specialist in community organization and sociology of rural Africa.
- At least 10 years of practical the area of agricultural development in rural areas based on knowledge of the operation of associations.
- Ability to suggest and define ways to involve village communities, to promote income generating activities (IGAs), to develop community adaptation plans in Africa.
- Ability to identify conflicts of interest and local particularities.
- Very good knowledge of the landscape and the different areas of the study.
- Strong skills and references in gender and poverty issues.
- Experiences in socio-cultural analyzes and behaviors by gender.
- Ability to take into account vulnerable groups. Proficiency in English and knowledge of French. Listening skills, communication skills and a strong desire to transfer skills to national executives involved in monitoring the study.
- Responsible for the study on the socio-economic sector in relation with all the national experts

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Responsable :

Marwen Chawali: Sénior Project Manager,
Edwin Chirwanemoto: Project Manager,

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