Rural / Civil engineer specializing in rural infrastructure (Support Expert)

Projet : Selection of a consultancy firm to carry out a feasibility study on the Program to Build Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security in the Horn of Africa (HOA).

Durée : 6 Months Date de publication : 09/04/2020
Pays : Djibouti Date soumission CV : 14/04/2020
Prestation : Court terme Date de démarrage : 01/08/2020

Profil demandé :

Qualifications et compétences
- Should have at least a BSc Degree or Master’s / Engineering degree in Rural Engineering, hydraulics, civil engineering or equivalent
- At least 8 years of practical experiences
- Have an experience in areas such as: lowland development, design of small dams, agricultural development, irrigation networks, etc. Specific experience: good experience in the relevant field and the engineering of hydro-agro-pastoral infrastructures in Africa.
- Very good references in undertaking similar studies, knowledge and experience in integrated development of water resources and the conduct of multidisciplinary studies as well as the coordination of the activities of a team of experts assigned to participate in the study, in liaison with many local partners.
- Proficiency in English and knowledge of French. Proficiency in both languages would be an asset.
- Listening skills, communication skills and a strong desire to transfer skills to national executives involved in monitoring the study.
- Ability to work in harmony with all international consultants. Responsible for coordinating the studies of the country components on the infrastructure development aspect and in relation with all the national experts of this sector.

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Responsable :

Marwen Chawali: Sénior Project Manager,
Edwin Chirwanemoto: Project Manager,

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