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Customer Relationship Management

Why is Customer Relationship Management essential ?

In any market, companies need to attract new customers to buy their products and/or services in order to make their business profitable or to ensure business continuity.

Listening to customers and citizens, responding to their needs, building loyalty and obtaining their support, means having information and being able to provide products or services that best meet their expectations.

CCM assists you in managing your relationships with customers and citizens, in defining and implementing marketing, sales and communication strategies :

  • Operational commercial consulting
  • Market research and positioning
  • Communication Strategy
  • Visual identity system & design management

Sales and operational marketing consulting

Business development is both a strategic and operational component of the company.

Do you want to make all your company’s commercial means profitable and increase them?

CCM Worldwide helps you develop a winning commercial policy and assists you in the implementation of operational action plans through a tailor-made approach, according to your specific needs thanks to the modularity of its services.

Our experts verify your positioning in your market, study your competition, your definition of your commercial targets, your prospecting strategy and customer follow-up.

The commercial development of a company can no longer be done without sales support tools and an efficient operational marketing plan.

CCM advises you to use the right tools and a state-of-the-art operational marketing plan and proposes the latest innovations for a mastery in the implementation of tools such as some CRM or BI solutions necessary for the successful implementation of the strategic and operational marketing plan established together.

Methods of implementation

Adaptation of the services to the client needs :

  • Diagnosis of the existing means.
  • Definition and implementation of marketing policies.
  • Team organization.
  • Targeting study, File creation.
  • Setting up the message, Choice of delivery tools.
  • Control panels.
  • Ad hoc mission to deal with a particular problem.

Market research and positioning

One of the criteria of the quality of a commercial policy is its adaptation to market data: customers, competitors, environment…

Through market studies, CCM Consulting Group helps you to present a relevant offer to your market, especially in terms of product/price policy, marketing and communication :

  • Study and evaluation.
  • Study of the image of the company and its products.
  • Launching of new products.
  • Measurement of the feasibility of the implementation of one or more points of sale.
Methods of implementation

According to the problems posed :

  • Documentary study of the market by collecting information from existing sources.
  • Quantitative and/or qualitative market research through interviews with experts, consumer meetings, analysis of questionnaires, processing…

    Communication Strategy

    Today, all leaders and managers feel more and more the need to innovate in communication to confirm the quality and presence of the image of their company or institution, their products or their social and economic policy.

    This awareness leads to a desire to reinforce the assets, to correct deficits, and even in some extreme cases to undertake a repositioning of their image.

    But very often, anxiety and haste lead to one-off and superficial actions, which cannot lead to a true mastery of communication. In a world where signs and messages are flooding in, piecemeal operations are inefficient, sometimes harmful and cannot lead to a mastery of image.

    Only a communication strategy, accompanied by a work plan and means of implementation, is likely to ensure a strong image and competitive positioning.

    CCM Worldwide offers you a line of communication consulting services to reposition your image and optimize your results :

    • Inventory of the stakes.
    • Analysis of the existing situation and measurement of gaps.
    • Definition of the desired image.
    • Action program.
    • Accompanying measures.
    Methods of implementation

    Adaptation of the services to the needs of the client :

    • Assistance for the development of a strategy and specifications.
    • Implementation of the chosen actions.
    • Punctual mission to deal with a particular problem.

    Visual identity system & design management

    At the beginning, one observation : everything is a sign. To consider the company or community as a system of signs implies establishing a specific communication mission for each of them.

    The identity system of a company or institution is what allows all or part of an organization to feel that it exists as a coherent entity that knows where it is going and is specific, assuming a history and distinguishing itself from others.

    The objective of design management is to define the missions of each category of signs, to program their evolution and to evaluate the means of creation and the investments necessary for their success.

    CCM offers a line of communication consulting services for the definition and implementation of a specific and coherent visual identity system :

    • Analysis of the state of the identity.
    • Semantic study of identity perception.
    • Elaboration of an evolution plan and creative specifications.
    Methods of implementation

    Adaptation of the services to the needs of the client :

    • Assistance for the definition of a communication territory and specifications.
    • Creation of supports and applications.
    • Management of the identity system and training of a manager or a team.
    • Punctual mission to deal with a particular problem.

    Strategy & Strategic Management

    Change management

    Development of operational performance

    Customer Relationship Management

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