Support for the Modernization of the National Meteorological Office (ONM) in Algeria

Ministry of Transportation


General objective:

The general objective of the project is to support the implementation of the new transport strategy through institutional and regulatory reforms, to improve transport safety and security, and to increase the quality of services and performance.

Specific Objectives :

The specific objective of this contract is to provide support for the modernization of the National Meteorological Office (ONM) in Algeria by providing a technical assistance team (EAT) specialized in the field of meteorology. In close coordination with the beneficiary structures, the support is intended to achieve three main objectives:

  • The elaboration of a structural and operational diagnosis allowing to identify the existing bottlenecks ;
  • The preparation of a detailed action plan for the short, medium (by 2020) and long term (by 2025) for the modernization of the NMO at the structural, operational and training levels.
  • Technical support to the NMO in the implementation of two (2) priority actions:
  • Development of a vulnerability map of climatic and meteorological risks impacting transport.
  • The design of a global warning and vigilance system that informs users in real time of the risks derived from transport operations according to weather conditions, including specific warning and vigilance systems for motorway traffic management, port traffic management and rail traffic management.

Results to be achieved:

The contractor will have to assist the NMO officials so that :

Result 1 – The NMO has a modern and efficient organization and management system that enables it to offer quality services, to operate efficiently and to master the most advanced techniques.

Result 2 – The NMO consolidates its role in all organizations that ensure the safety and security of the transportation system, providing effective support to the land, maritime-port, and aviation sub-sectors with increasingly accurate observations and forecasts.

Result 3 – The NMO guarantees quality of service and professional efficiency in support of the transport sector, and has an efficient, reliable, and rapid system for reporting information to the authorities in charge of accident prevention in the transport sector.

Service :

Diagnosis of management identifying bottlenecks existing bottlenecks in the current organization at the central level, and regional (the ONM is installed in all willayas in Algeria with central directorates for each region).

Elaboration of an orientation project within the framework of an approach participatory with a working group created by the ONM managers.

Definition of a detailed action plan that can be carried out in the short, medium and long term (at
by 2020) and long term (by 2025) for the modernization of the the structural, operational, and training level.

The Plan of actions covers the entire chain of meteorological services and benefits:
observation, telecommunications, data processing (in real time, in the field, in the field
for weather forecasting and delayed weather for climatology), installation, maintenance and calibration, and research and development.

Support for the implementation of a modernization project,

identification and instruction of 28 development projects, creation of working groups within the framework of a participatory approach, development and implementation of projects

Development of a vulnerability map of climate risks, and impact on transportation, for its integration into the national climate change adaptation plan.

Design and implementation of a global warning and vigilance system which informs users in real time of the risks derived from the operations of weather-dependent transportation, including warning systems and of specific vigilance for the management of motorway traffic, the management of the port traffic and rail traffic management.

Implementation of commercial, communication and visibility actions.

Investment and financing of the modernization project

Financial diagnosis, determination of necessary investments and proposal of solutions for financing.
Assistance in the elaboration of an investment project for the financing of modernization.


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