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Assistance to the Government and Interministerial Coordination in the Framework of the Governance Capacity Building Project for the Democratic Republic of Congo

Ministry of the Interior

Democratic Republic of Congo

Within the framework of the Governance Capacity Building Project, the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has decided to implement a vast program to modernize the management of public finances and the administration and management of state human resources, including for each of these two areas:

  1. On the one hand, the implementation of a number of legislative and regulatory reforms,
  2. On the other hand, the implementation of a turnkey computer system.

The overall objective of the project is to assist the Government of the DRC to acquire the integrated computer system for public financial management, civil service administration and payroll.

This system is to be installed initially at the level of the central administration in Kinshasa and the provincial services in Katanga, South Kivu, and Bandundu.  It will then be gradually deployed in the other provinces of the country.

The installation of this system must go through a series of preparatory works consisting of :

  • Analyze in a detailed way the systems already operational or in the course of realization at the level of the administration (set of existing applications, the planned evolutions, the possible interconnections of these applications as well as the new programmed projects),
  • Assist in the supervision and capitalization of ongoing activities, the aim being to ensure full consistency with the future system,
  • Develop an overall guidance note on the computerization of public finances and the public service,
  • Assist the Government in the bidding process up to the contractualization stage with the successful bidder,
  • And finally to ensure the follow-up and quality control of the work to be carried out by the successful bidder.

The target system is composed of an integrated management :

  • The preparation of the budget (annual and multi-year)
  • Public spending at the central government level and in three provinces,
  • Revenues from the State and decentralized authorities at the provincial level,
  • The public accounting of the central and provincial governments as well as the management of the financial resources of the State,
  • Steering, monitoring and control of the State budget,
  • And the management of personnel at headquarters and in the provinces, including the processing of pay.


The project has been broken down into two main components.

The first part consisted in carrying out a detailed study which allowed :

  • Produce a global orientation plan for the computerization of public finance and human resources administration. This study covered functional, technical and organizational aspects, and it was clearly stated that the success of such a project should be closely linked to the establishment of a project management structure with the necessary skills to take charge of monitoring project activities and managing and supervising the system that was to be set up,
  • To propose a computerization scenario to the Government,
  • To prepare the tender documents in relation to the computerization scenario chosen by the Government,
  • For each of the calls for tenders, assistance to the Government
  • For the evaluation of bids and the final selection of a service provider responsible for implementing the chosen solution.

The second component consisted of assisting the Government in controlling and supervising the work related to the implementation of the new system:

Assistance to the Government and interministerial coordination (Ministries of Finance, Interior, Civil Service, and representatives of other ministries) for the control and supervision of work related to the implementation of the new system. Several areas have been studied for the “software package” component. There are seven of them and some are broken down into sub-domains:

  • Organization,
  • Public finances,
  • HR administration,
  • Reference frameworks,
  • Networks and IT infrastructure,
  • Security,
  • Training.

Recruitment of several service providers, acquisition of IT equipment and infrastructure, installation of public finance and HR software packages for the management of human resources of the Congolese State at the central and regional levels (pilot projects launched in several regions).


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