Technical Assistance for the Functional Modeling of BFPME Processes

Financing Bank for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises


The BFPME was established under Law n° 65 2001, on March 1st, 2005, with a share capital of TND 50 million, one quarter of which was paid up at the time of establishment. An increase to TND 100 Million is planned after the capital has been fully paid up.

Its missions are the following:

– To complete the current financing mechanism in order to boost the growth rate of investment and to support private initiative by encouraging the emergence of innovative projects.

– Provide the necessary assistance and support to facilitate the creation of small and medium enterprises and foster the development of existing SMEs by financing extension operations.

The overall objective of this mission is to produce a report containing the modeling of business processes and a detailed description of the bank’s information flows and operations, and to produce a procedure manual describing in detail the conduct of each procedure.

The results obtained will be used for the parameterization and implementation of the bank’s future information system.


Phase One :

– Inventory of procedures.

– Description of the processes.

– Modeling of information flows.

– Description of treatments.

Second Phase :

– Detailed organizational analysis.

– Elaboration of the Bank’s procedures manual.



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