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Technical Assistance to Support the Reform and Modernization of the Higher Education and Scientific Research Sector (ESRS)

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS)


Algeria has been engaged since 2001 in a policy of reform and modernization of the higher education and scientific research sector (ESRS). The reform led to the implementation of the 2009 to 2014 five-year plan for higher education and scientific research, which has led almost all universities to adopt the LMD system (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate). The overall objective of this program initiative is mainly advice and targeted support for key reforms and modernization of the higher education and scientific research sector. More specifically this technical assistance program provides specific experience to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 4 areas:

1st domain:

  • The development of a system of diversification and professionalization to provide training ;
  • Capacity building of teachers in student support activities; and
  • The integration of socio-economic actors in the process of professionalization of training.

2nd domain:

  • The development of a doctoral school model adapted to the Bachelor-Master-Doctorate reform;
  • The reinforcement of the capacities of the management structures of doctoral training;
  • The integration of teacher-researchers in European R&D networks.

3rd domain:

The development of an operational system to promote closer cooperation between universities/enterprises in the context of the LMD “Bachelor-Master-Doctorate” reform aimed at improving :

  • The training / employment relevance and professional integration of graduates,
  • Optimization and transfer of scientific research and technological development.

4th domain:

The implementation of the quality procedure in :

  • The development of internal quality assurance ;
    The strengthening of quality assurance units in the universities;
    Strengthening the skills of those in charge of quality assurance.
    The specific objectives are articulated around 4 components and are as follows:

Component I: LMD:

  • To develop a system favoring the diversification and professionalization of the open training offer and the socio-economic environment ;
  • To strengthen the capacity of the leaders in the training offer at the central level, the regional and local control of this system and its subsequent generalization.

Component II: Education and doctoral training:

  • Developing a model of a higher education institution, integrated and open to its national and international environment.

Component III: bringing together universities and companies:

  • Develop a system to develop and strengthen the universities of the relationship / companies ;
    Component IV: Internal quality assurance:
  • Support the integration of Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) and the strengthening of Cellular Quality Assurance (CAQ) in academic institutions.


Implementation of an operational mechanism for the construction of the training offer.

  • Elaboration of a doctoral school operational model.
  • Integration and participation of researchers in scientific research and technological development projects of European R&D networks
  • Elaboration of an operational mechanism to develop the relationship between universities and companies.
  • Elaboration of an operational system for the integration of internal quality assurance and (AQI)
  • Training and support for managers and teachers to master these systems.
  • Support for bringing “Universities/Companies” closer together and strengthening the match between training and employment;


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 Phone : +32 2 403 36 61

 Fax : +32 2 403 3861

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