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Technical Assistance for Transport and Infrastructure within the Framework of European Union-funded Programs in Southern Sudan

Delegation of the European Commission in Juba

South Sudan

The mission is to provide technical assistance to the Government’s program in Southern Sudan (Juba) for EU-funded infrastructure and rural development projects in programming, implementation, monitoring and effective coordination. It consists of:

  • Contributing to the identification, design and implementation of infrastructure projects placed by EU.
  • Supporting new infrastructure projects to ensure transparency and accountability of EU-funded actions.
  • Assist the competent authorities and relevant bodies in the planning, management and coordination of projects, identify and implement requests for EU-funded actions.
  • Assist relevant authorities, institutions and entities in tasks requiring technical expertise, including the identification and evaluation of possible projects for EU funding.
  • Provide technical assistance as required, including support for technical evaluations.

Services :

Identification, preparation and evaluation of potential infrastructure projects that, through their implementation, contribute to the development/reconstruction of the economy of Southern Sudan.

-Preparation and design of projects to support the competent authorities and/or the EU Delegation in the tendering and contracting procedures.

-Supporting the competent authorities in the evaluation of infrastructure bids, procurement and throughout the execution of contracts, according to EU rules.

-Assistance monitoring the execution of contracts executed and financed by the EU, UN and other donors.

-Institutional support and support from lead institutions and relevant agencies. Identification of training needs, organization of consultation workshops and conferences and training.


Rond-point Schuman 2-4, 1040 – Brussels – Belgium

 Phone : +32 2 403 36 61

 Fax : +32 2 403 3861

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