Assistance to the Incubation and Launch of NTC

Company NTC


NTC wishes to develop a business, technology and communication concept built around a “Virtual City” and a thematic approach, which proceeds by an economic, social and cultural division by country.
Incubation of NTC and assistance in the development and launch of the project and the company:
– Study of the international B to B and B to C market and in the target countries and regions,
– Elaboration of a business plan, fund raising and assistance to the creation of the company,
– Finalization of the “virtual city” concept and development of the central portal and 8 portals (sub portals),
– Recruitment and management of the technical and administrative teams, and optimization of the achievements,
– Financial and accounting management of the company,
– Elaboration of budget forecasts, periodic dashboards, activity monitoring, forecasts, and bank accounts,
– Preparation of work meetings and general assemblies of the partners,
– Elaboration of commercial and development strategies and action plans, assistance in the marketing of products and services,
– Assistance in the mobilization of resources



Rond-point Schuman 2-4, 1040 – Brussels – Belgium

 Phone : +32 2 403 36 61

 Fax : +32 2 403 3861

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