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Consulting and Technical Assistance in Communication for the Support Program for SMEs and the Control of New Information and Communication Technologies (PMEII)

 Ministry of Industry and SMEs


This project is an integral part of the Support Program for SMEs and the mastery of information and communication technologies (PMEII).

The overall objective is to strengthen and ensure the valorization of the SME II Program and its results, through the design, implementation and monitoring of communication activities.

The specific objectives are :

– To support the management of the project and to advise the different actors and stakeholders.

– Advise, design and produce adapted technical supports and relevant communication tools.

– Raise awareness, through a targeted communication campaign, of the services offered by the SME II program among SMEs in certain pilot sectors and institutional partners;

– Contribute to a wide dissemination of good practices for the benefit of SMEs in the target sectors and institutional beneficiaries, through the development and dissemination of selected information and communication materials, as well as the organization of specific events.

The expected results are the provision of expertise for operational communication activities specific to each component of the SME II project. And for the Program as a whole, the implementation of an institutional communication.


Services :

Preparation of a communication strategy and plan corresponding program quotation.

– Realization of actions and supports of communication with organizational and logistical aspects taken care of:

– Production of a News Letter.

– Publication studies/reports and guides.

– Event communication/Assistance in the organization of seminars, information days, training sessions, memorandum of understanding signing sessions.

– Participation at fairs and trade shows.

– Relations public relations, press relations and contribution to the institutional media existing.

– Campaign business development success stories that have benefited from the Program


Rond-point Schuman 2-4, 1040 – Brussels – Belgium

 Phone : +32 2 403 36 61

 Fax : +32 2 403 3861

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