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Creation, Design and Implementation of the ” Quality Tourism ” Plan of the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts

Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts (MTA)


The PQTA aims to bring together all tourism professionals who are committed to a quality approach (voluntary nature) attentive to customer needs, around a national quality brand, “Qualité Tourisme Algérie”.

In a more specific way, the PQTA aims in particular at:

  • Reinforce national competitiveness by integrating the notion of Quality in all the development projects of tourism companies and thus achieve better professionalization,
  • Valorize the tourist territories and create the sustainability of the Algerian tourist offer through the improvement of the legibility and visibility of the quality by the tourists,
  • To provide the tourism companies involved in this approach with assistance and tools adapted to their development, in particular by accompanying them in operations of renovation, rehabilitation, modernization, extension and training,
  • Ensure increased promotion of operators committed to the quality approach by their integration into the network of establishments bearing the brand “Qualité Tourisme Algérie”, thus ensuring their better integration into the commercial circuits by a better positioning.


  • A communication strategy and an image territory were defined and communication and audiovisual supports were handed over:
  • Design of communication media, design of a campaign addressed to tourism professionals to encourage them to adhere to the quality approach within the framework of the Quality Plan Tourism Algeria.
  • Conception, creation and realization of the WEB site
  • Editorial support for the web, editions and press kits
  • Design and production of an educational film presenting the behind-the-scenes of tourism companies: hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.
  • Realization of the films for a mini-series to be broadcast on the Internet in web format
  • Production of educational films for professionals ” Check in High Quality, Check Out Low Quality”.

Six recommendations were proposed:

  • Create a team to take charge of the PQTA: Management of the project and its communication
  • Améliorer le design d’environnement
  • Lancement et organisation de campagne: professionnel et grand public
  • Organisme certificateur
  • Organiser et former
  • Participer à la Conduite du changement


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