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Development of a Sustainable Financing Mechanism for the Health Sector in Saint Lucia

Ministry of Health

Saint Lucia

  • For some time now, the Government of Saint Lucia has undertaken several health reforms to improve efficiency and equity in the health sector in Saint Lucia. A key element of the reform is to ensure that a sustainable health financing strategy is in place.

Overall objective:

  • The overall objective of this council is to contribute to ongoing efforts for policy and institutional reforms in the health sector in order to improve sustainability and facilitate the implementation of the universal health care coverage strategy.

Specific objectives:

  • The specific objectives to be achieved are the development of a sustainable financing policy and its implementation plan for the health sector in Saint Lucia, resulting from a comprehensive and participatory analysis and decision-making process. More specifically, this consultation should provide recommendations for the restructuring of health care financing, based on the results of actuarial modeling, offering a minimum of three (3) options focused on improving equity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the allocation and use of resources.
  • To achieve this overall objective, we would consider providing the following deliverables.
    An actuarial model containing a number of sub-components. The model will take into account both the cost of the service package defined over several years and the financing options for the system.
  • The sub-components include: A population profile projection model using baseline mortality, fertility and migration rates, including a life table appropriate for use in St. Lucia.
  • An economic projection model of overall health expenditure in St. Lucia based on the use of economic parameters such as national income level, past trends in health expenditure, current and projected changes in the disease burden in St. Lucia.
  • An activity-based cost model of the costs of the essential service package,
    re. Projections of available funding from existing and potentially new health funding sources to cover the full range of services
  • Provide a range of options for financing the health sector in the future to ensure the sustainability of the CSU.
    A user manual and training materials for the actuarial model so that it can be used on an ongoing basis within the Ministry of Health.
  • A national health financing framework for St. Lucia that sets out some of the key principles that will ensure that the objectives of the CSU are met.
  • A comprehensive national health financing strategy for St. Lucia that will consider all possible options for financing the system and use the actuarial model to consider the relative merits of each option.
  • An implementation plan for the introduction of the national health financing strategy.


  • Conducted an actuarial analysis of the current health coverage strategy in Saint Lucia to determine its feasibility for implementation and its sustainable capacity over time.
  • Assessing the performance of St. Lucia’s economy using a five-year trend analysis and statistical modeling and risk determining the country’s capacity to support the provision of additional health services.
  • Projected population growth based on future changes in fertility, mortality, migration, and labor force participation rates,
  • Undertake health expenditure forecasts based on the epidemiological profile.
  • Undertake economic growth projections based on GDP growth rates, employment, labor productivity, and salaries
  • Undertake the government’s budget forecast based on its expenditures and revenues.
  • Identifying the main risks that could affect the future sustainability of the health system.
  • Conducting surveys or consultations with stakeholders to fill information gaps
  • Provide a minimum of three (3) options for sustainable financing of the sector to include the provision of the essential package of services as part of the universal health care coverage strategy.
  • Each option should include advantages, disadvantages, risks and assumptions for implementation.
  • Comprehensive literature review of the health sector financing system in Saint Lucia
  • Review the proposed universal health coverage strategy
  • Organizing consultations with health care professionals and various stakeholder groups to present and discuss the actuarial policy framework as input to policy formulation
  • Development of policy components (vision, mission, values and guiding principles, policy objectives, revenue collection, resource pooling and financial risk protection, equitable access to quality health services, efficient use and allocation of resources, financial sustainability, transparency and accountability).
  • Development of an action plan including a recommendation for an appropriate institutional framework and a cost for implementing the health financing policy.
  • Training of local staff on the new actuarial model.
  • Prepare and provide all training materials to facilitate training.
  • Prepare an implementation plan, costing plan, monitoring plan, and evaluation strategy for the implementation of the health financing policy.


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