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Elaboration of a Company Development Plan

National Company of Tunisian Railways


Description of the project:

The present mission is part of the SNCFT Network Modernization Project financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development “EBRD” with the objective of preparing the company’s development plan and defining the priorities for modernization and development until 2025.

The objective of the mission is the preparation of the company’s development plan which must take into account both the existing restructuring plan and the national transport master plan under preparation, in collaboration with SNCFT and the Ministry of Transport. It is a set of measures aimed at providing a modern rail transport system, operated efficiently and allowing for sustainable development in the medium and long term. It is to agree on the financing, the institutional reforms to be implemented during this transition, and the phases of implementation.

The CDP should include measures that will facilitate the achievement of this objective both in terms of the organization and execution of the various activities and the investments required (through its own resources or a PPP). In particular, the plan should clearly define at least two scenarios for the reorganization of rail transport, and then present the key measures needed to achieve the chosen scenario, backed by a timetable for implementation.  Within this framework, an action plan with an implementation plan for the measures envisaged must be developed.

Description of the services actually provided by your staff :

Phase 1: Project initiation and diagnosis
The mission started with a kick-off meeting with the Steering Committee and the main managers concerned. A first collection of information and data is carried out, an initial report is produced, it describes a detailed work plan for the realization of the mission with a precise delivery schedule

Phase 2: Evaluation of the draft development plan prepared by the SNCFT
This phase consists of the implementation of a development plan while taking into account the variants (metric and normal). An evaluation of the future operation of the SNCFT network as well as the current state of the infrastructure is carried out to strengthen the viability of the passenger transport network while trying to rationalize the SNCFT’s cost and reliability policy. A note on the evaluation of the draft development plan developed by SNCFT is delivered to the officials.

Phase 3: Development Plan to 2025

Several activities and deliverables:

  • Assessment of the overall state of SNCFT is undertaken, taking into account its restructuring plan currently being approved, and the national transportation master plan.
  • An activity-by-activity assessment of production tools and financial results; An identification of business and operational initiatives;
  • Financial forecast to 2025 after evaluation of the current contribution of the State;
  • Establishment of a provisional CDP defining the main measures and timetables;
  • Implementation of the measures identified in the CDP;
  • Proposal of reforms to be implemented until 2025;
  • Elaboration of a 2025 development plan.
  • Delivery of an SNCFT Development Plan to 2025.

Phase 4: Priorities for network modernization and development up to 2025:

  • The implementation of this phase is preceded by a thorough assessment of the current state of the Tunisian railway network as well as its capacity to meet future requirements. Several priorities have been defined:
  • Priorities for rehabilitation and modernization of the network;
  • Permanent evaluation of the efficiency of the action undertaken for the renovation of the network
  • Design of line construction program according to the predetermined order of priorities;
  • Provisional budgets for the implementation of the above programs;
  • Delivery of a report outlining the “Network Modernization and Development Priorities to 2025”.

Phase 5: Overview of the 2025-2040 Development Plan
An overview of the master plan relating to the development strategy of the Tunisian railway network between 2025 and 2040 is to be carried out. The overview aims to enable SNCFT to rationalize its next investments in infrastructure and rolling stock. Several activities are to be carried out:

Diagnosis and evaluation of SNCFT’s capacity related to commercial and operational restructuring is done;
Diagnosis of SNCFT’s capacity in terms of logistics, equipment and human resources;

Assessment of compliance with international standards of infrastructure maintenance and identification of corrective measures.
Delivery of a report with “Overview of the 2025-2040 Development Plan”.


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