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End-of-Project Evaluation of the Roads and Rural Tracks Program in North-West Morocco

Ministry of Equipment and Transport


In accordance with the provisions of article 2.6 of the Financing Agreement relating to the project “Rural roads and tracks in Northern Morocco”, Project MAR/B7-4100/IB/96/0294, an end-of-project evaluation, in its technical, administrative and financial aspects, will be carried out by a team of independent consultants, in order to assess the impact on the inter-provincial integration of the Provinces affected by the project and the degree of opening-up achieved.


The mission will allow to evaluate the implementation of the project, the state and quality of the physical achievements of the project, as well as the degree of opening up of the populations interested in the project. It will have to highlight the concrete technical and socio-economic results obtained, to determine precisely the financial status, the use of the budget allocated to this project and the analysis of costs/benefits, to measure the impact of the project on the living conditions of the beneficiary populations and the evolution of the standard of living in the project area, to estimate the future of the project according to the results it will have been able to observe, in order to improve the analysis and the selection of future projects.


On the basis of
results, the mission will provide an accurate overall picture of the situation of the
project, in particular:

  • An assessment of the problems to be identified and the objectives of the project.
  • An assessment of the relationship between project activities and results.
  • An assessment of the relationship between the results of the project and the specific objectives mentioned in the Financing Agreement.
  • A financial analysis for the entire duration of the project.
  • An evaluation of the sustainability and replicability of project activities and results.


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