Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Implementation of the Multi-Year Adaptation Strategy for the Malagasy Sugar Sector

Government of Madagascar


Madagascar is one of the 18 Sugar Protocol signatory countries affected by the reform of the European Union sugar regime (1975 Lomé V Agreement). As such, the country benefits from the accompanying measures provided for in Council Regulation (EC) N°266/2006. In accordance with the latter, Madagascar has submitted to the Commission a comprehensive and multi-year National Strategy for the Adaptation of the Sugar Sector (SNASS) for the period 2006 to 2014.

In response to the national strategy and in support of its implementation, the European Commission adopted a Community strategy document, indicating its intervention logic, which aims to facilitate investments and support the strengthening of the competitiveness of the sugarcane sector.

The objective of this SEA is to identify, describe and assess the significant and probable environmental impacts that could result from the implementation of the National Strategy for Adaptation of the Sugar Sector and that should be taken into account in its implementation or revision and in the implementation of the support to be provided by the EC. The SEA should confirm and complement the findings and the broad outlines of the national strategy on environmental issues.


Framing the SEA

  • Description of the institutional and legislative framework of the NAHS ;
  • Presentation of the country’s environmental policy and objectives ;
  • Identification of key stakeholders and their concerns ;
  • Identification of key interactions between the CSDS and the environment ;
  • Description of the scope of the study to be prepared, on the initial state of the environment ;

Etude d’EES :

  • Environmental assessment of the SNASS, taking into account the possible environmental impacts resulting from its implementation and its adequacy in relation to the environmental policies and objectives of the Government and the EC ;
  • Recommendations, for the possible reformulation of the SNASS (including performance indicators, technical assistance and actions to be implemented under other aid modalities) and for the improvement of the SNASS.


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