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Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of Oil Exploration/Exploitation in the North Albertine Rift (North Kivu and Orientale Provinces) – Scoping Study

Ministry of the Environment

Democratic Republic of Congo

The SEA is therefore used to establish the background and conceptual, legislative, regulatory, biological, ethnological, sociological, etc. frameworks on which any Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on specific projects can then be carried out. The SEA should not be confused with an EIA that is carried out for a specific project, in a more restricted territory, and in a more detailed manner. SEA does not replace EIA. It precedes it. SEA and EIA therefore take place at different temporal and spatial scales.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) procedure consists of two phases: a scoping study and the SEA itself. This project concerns the scoping study which aims to:

  • Describe the institutional and legal contexts that govern oil exploration/exploitation in the DRC as well as those that ensure an environment capable of guaranteeing the sustainable development of the populations of the Rift Region,
  • Clearly define the geographic, physical, biological and human framework for SEA,
  • List the sources and receptors of impacts and the methods and means to study them during the SEA,
  • Collect data, or data sources, to be analyzed and compared in cost/benefit or cost-effectiveness10 analyses of alternatives and variants of SEA,
  • Define the issues to be addressed in the SEA by considering the specific context in which the program/policy is being prepared and is likely to be implemented.


  • Description of the program/policy for oil exploration/exploitation in North Kivu
  • Overview of the political, institutional and legal framework
  • Description of key stakeholders and their interests
  • Description of the key environmental aspects to be considered in the SEA
  • Description of the geographical framework and the reference situation
  • Recommendations on specific impact identification and assessment methods to be used in SEA
  • Proposed timeframe and means to be implemented in the SEA


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