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Final Evaluation of the Strengthening of the Integration of the British and Dutch OCTs into the Regional Response to HIV/AIDS through PANCAP

PTO – Overseas Countries and Territories, OCT Governments


The overall objective of this program is to halt and reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean British and Dutch OCTs and to minimize its impact on the health, social and economic sectors, in the context of poverty reduction strategies.

The aim is to strengthen the capacity of the British and Dutch OCTs to manage and implement an effective multisectoral response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and to achieve greater integration within the regional response to HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean.

General objectives:

This mission will include the final evaluation specified in the financing agreement. The overall objective of this study is to evaluate the results of the program in relation to the initial objectives.

Specific objectives:

The final evaluation will assess the relevance, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the EU assistance under the program. In order to guide the evaluation of the program, the final evaluation will also allow for a rapid assessment of the national response.


  • Rapid assessment based on the analysis of the particular situation of the island prepared at the beginning of the program
    and a report on the results of the response to HIV by island territories
  • Evaluation of the processes of evolution of the implementation of the activities, in particular the degree of flexibility and adaptability of the partners in adapting to the changing circumstances related to the implementation of the project
  • Examination of the consistency and realism/validity of the objectives of the program and its components.
    Evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of the Program
  • Description and evaluation of program interventions in terms of prioritizing activities towards expected results
  • Assessment of the overall sustainability of the Strengthening of the Integration of the British and Dutch OCTs into the European Union
  • regional response to HIV/AIDS through the PANCAP program
  • Evaluation of the impact of the program to date
  • Evaluation of the strategy and activities in the field of visibility, information and communication of the project, the results obtained and the impact of these actions in the region and the EU Member States.
  • Recommendations for EDF programming 11


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