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Evaluation of the Impact of the Activities of Civil Society Organizations Funded by PRAJUST in the Area of Legal Aid and Legal Assistance

Ministry of Justice


The main objective of this project is to consolidate the rule of law and good governance in Chad through the reform of the judicial system.

Specific objectives

  • Evaluate the results of the activities of the associations financed in the field of legal aid and legal assistance (AJC) for a better access to law for the population.
  • To assess the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the methodology and implementation approach used by NSAs for the implementation of their actions
  • To assess the ownership and sustainability of the actions of the NSAs funded.
  • Assess the degree of coordination between the associations and the link with the activities of the Ministry of Justice in the field of youth justice.
  • Evaluate the support provided by PRAJUST to the associations, particularly in the improvement of coordination between the associations and the links established with the Ministry
  • To formulate recommendations for a possible continuation of the European Union’s support in these areas.

Results to be achieved

  • To evaluate the results of the legal aid and legal assistance activities carried out by the associations
  • To elaborate proposals and recommendations concerning: quantitative and qualitative aspects, the implementation approach, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, viability and ownership of AJC by NSAs if the European Union Delegation were to continue its support in the areas of AJC.



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