Formulation Study for All ACP Countries Roadmap for ACP Minerals Sector Development and Resources for a Minerals Sector Development Program

ACP Secretariat

The ACP countries

The ACP Global Framework for Action aims to foster the development of the mineral resources industry in support of the sustainable development of ACP countries and to contribute to poverty reduction and social development in the mining sector.

The mission aims to strengthen the management capacity of ACP countries in the mining sector, to integrate sustainable development measures in the ACP mining sector and to improve the capacity of states to derive maximum economic and social benefits from the sector, while mitigating the negative impacts of the mining industry.


The mission will :

  • Analyze lessons learned and recommendations from other donor-funded programs in mining sector development in ACP countries
    Describe recent institutional developments in the mining sector in ACP countries, with implications for implementation of actions.
  • Review existing tools, initiatives and mechanisms developed by international and regional organizations specialized in raw materials and mineral resources.
  • Elaborate the roadmap for the development of the mineral resources sector in ACP countries based on the comprehensive ACP framework for action adopted in October 2011 and in close coordination with the focal points.
  • Facilitate the validation of the workshop and contribute to the preparation of its agenda and relevant technical documents for presentations.
  • Develop the identification sheet and the action sheet of the program to support the development of the mining sector in ACP countries.
  • Present the draft roadmap and the two fiches to the EC and the ACP Secretariat with a draft final report.
  • Present the draft roadmap at the workshop along with an outline of the proposed program. After the workshop, integrate the views/comments from the workshop and prepare a revised final report.
  • Contribute to any other technical and activity tasks in relation to the current assignment.


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