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Informatization of 2 Monitoring and Evaluation Systems and 3 Databases, Supply of Related Software for Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR)

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – MADR


The MADR has recently implemented an Agricultural and Rural Renewal Policy requiring capacity building in many areas, particularly in the field of information technology to improve information, communication, speed of administrative actions, monitoring and evaluation of actions undertaken.

This project aims to provide three MADR Directorates with the collection and analysis tools needed to strengthen the effectiveness of their activities (monitoring/evaluation and data management).

The general objectives of this contract are :

  • Strengthen the institutional capacity of MADR in the effective supervision of the agricultural sector and the implementation of the regulatory framework ;
  • Contributing to the objective of diversifying the Algerian economy specific to the DIVECO1 Program

The specific objective of this project is to strengthen the administrative capacities of three MADR Directorates through the implementation of computer systems aimed at improving information, communication, speed of procedures, monitoring and evaluation of actions undertaken.

The terms of reference set as a main objective the development of three applications in the following areas:

  • The monitoring-evaluation of agricultural support programs with the aim of mainly automating the management of ASEPAA support funds, the monitoring-evaluation of training activities organized by the Ministry, ASEF.
  • The constitution of three databases for (1) the management of pesticide data, (2) the management of trade control data, (3) the management of territory monitoring data (ABDA3)

The expected results revolve around the:

  • Development of an information system based on new technologies, bringing together the IT services of the applications developed and the three aforementioned bases;
  • The implementation of a secure and reliable information system;

The training of end-users in the use of the applications developed.


  • Elaboration of a start-up plan and definition of an organization composed of working groups among the beneficiaries assisted by the experts.
  • Study and analysis of the terms of reference of applications and definition of functionalities.
  • Decomposition of applications into domains to cover
  • Realization of detailed functional analyses (AFD) and design of applications.
  • Recruitment of development team and short term expert.
  • Validation by sprint of the modules developed as part of an Agile Scrum approach by phase or sprint.
  • Application development, development of source codes, unit test and integration files.
  • Delivery of 3 applications 1) ASEPAA Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural Support Programs, 2) ASEF Application of Monitoring and Evaluation of Training, 3) ABDA Application of the three Agricultural Databases. Each of the applications was subject to three phases (sprints).
    Each sprint was concluded by a validation or adjustments made.
  • Elaboration of user manual, administrator’s manual and operating manual.
  • Definition of a training program around the following themes: training of key users in the use of the applications developed and implemented, training of SDSI IT specialists in the new technologies introduced and training in procedures.
  • Implementation of an annual warranty and corrective maintenance.
  • Assistance in piloting and change management.


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