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Mid-Term Evaluation of the Chilungamo Program (Justice and Accountability)

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs



    • Define and validate the evaluation questions.
    • Facilitate contacts between the evaluation team and EU departments and external stakeholders.
    • Ensure that the evaluation team has access to and has consulted all relevant information sources and documents related to the intervention.
    • Discuss and comment on the notes and reports provided by the evaluation team. Comments from individual group members are compiled into a single document by the evaluation manager and forwarded to the evaluation team.
    • Contribute to feedback on evaluation findings, conclusions, lessons, and recommendations.

      The overall goal of the Chilungamo program is to contribute to a life of dignity through responsible government, informed democratic choice, and humane and effective justice. The program has two objectives: (1) to strengthen democratic governance and improve the capacity of citizens, institutions of accountability, and civil society to demand transparency and hold officials accountable; and (2) to improve access to justice for all, especially for women and the poor. To achieve these two goals, each goal has its own key result areas.

      Key results under Goal 1 include (i) strengthening democratic processes through support to key actors, including national institutions, and (ii) strengthening the capacity of citizens, civil society, and accountability bodies to demand transparency and accountability from duty bearers.

      The main outcomes of Objective 2 are: i) improved coordination within the criminal justice system and ii) increased access to civil and criminal justice for vulnerable groups in the formal and informal systems.

      All eight contracts have their own logical frameworks, most of which have undergone varying degrees of change over the course of the implementation period.

      As part of the inception and synthesis reports, the evaluation team needs to reconstruct the intervention logic of the actions to reflect an updated and shared vision of the intended chain of opportunities underlying the actions. This reconstruction will be based on the existing intervention logic/framework, consultation with key stakeholders, and other key action documents.

      The evaluation is being managed by the EUD evaluation manager; progress of the evaluation is being closely monitored with the help of a reference group composed of representatives from the EU Delegation in Malawi, the Ministry of Justice and the program management unit, a representative of the seven beneficiary institutions, and a representative of NICE.

      The main functions of the Reference Group are to:

    • Support the development of an appropriate follow-up action plan after the evaluation is completed.

Nature of services provided

  • Evaluation of legal texts and policy commitments related to the intervention,
  • Evaluation of the Country Strategy Paper [country/region] and indicative programs,
  • Evaluation of relevant national/sectoral policies and plans of national and local partners and other donors,
  • Intervention identification studies,
  • Intervention feasibility/formulation studies,
  • Evaluation of the intervention’s financing agreement and amendments,
  • Evaluation of the European Commission’s Results Oriented Monitoring Reports (ROM), and other external and internal monitoring reports of the intervention,
  • Preparation of the intervention’s mid-term evaluation report,
  • Relevant documentation from national/local partners and other donors,
  • Preparation of the schedule and minutes of all the intervention’s Steering Committee meetings.


Rond-point Schuman 2-4, 1040 – Brussels – Belgium

 Phone : +32 2 403 36 61

 Fax : +32 2 403 3861

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