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Mission of Institutional Support to Public Policies of Water Resources Management for Rural and Agricultural Development (PAPS-water)

Ministry of Agriculture


The water sector is a key sector for the development of Tunisia, in
a physical context where the average per capita availability, less than
500 m3 /capita, place Tunisia in a situation of structural shortage.

Moreover, in the context of the emergence of an autonomous expression of the civil society, of the development of a democratic debate on the problems of water and sanitation.
strengthening the transparency requirements of public actors, the
capacity building and the development of skills and tools for
communication is identified as a strong requirement to which the PAPS intends to bring elements of response

General objective :

The general objective of this project is to contribute to a better consideration of the issues of resource preservation and water demand management in an integrated approach.

Specific Objectives :

The specific objectives of this contract are related to the water sector and in a perspective of sustainable and integrated management:

  • Strengthening the capacities of the BPEH in its missions to improve sector governance;
  • Reinforcement of the technical capacities of key actors within the Ministry of Agriculture (in this case AVFA and SONEDE);
  • Contribution to the improvement of strategic approaches and the modalities of intervention of the MA and the MOE on key themes (conventional water resource management, water management at the farm plot level, water pollution control).

Results to be achieved :

  • Preparation of reports on the prevailing situation and actions underway in the water sector on a regular basis and at least annually ;
  • Effective coordination by BPEH of its missions as secretariat of the NEC and CTGIRE ;
  • Structuring of training plans responding to the sectoral priorities of the PAPS Eau to the profile of the agents of the MA directorates intervening in the water sector
  • Implementation of training actions in line with its plans within the framework of the PAPS Eau CAs;
  • Development of the skills of the communication teams of SONEDE and AVFA;
  • Implementation of a strategy and a communication plan for a national awareness campaign on water savings.
  • Visual translation of this campaign as well as the formulation of its messages and editorial content for each of the beneficiaries.

Service :

Capacity building and improvement of practices for monitoring and evaluation
steering water policy

Improvement of water resources management through :

  • Improvement of the knowledge and management of aquifers, especially sensitive aquifers
  • Better management of balances and job/resource trade-offs in the water sector, including ecological water needs
  • Improvement of the exercise of state functions (water police, flood prevention and management)

Improvement of water management on agricultural plots, through :

  • Improvement of approaches to promote water saving in irrigation
  • Development of a strategy and action plans to improve drainage of agricultural land
  • Construction and implementation of a new water and soil conservation strategy

Reinforcement of the fight against water pollution, through :

  • Formulation of a strategy and action plans for rural sanitation
  • Formulation of a strategy and action plans for solid waste treatment in rural areas
  • Identification of the problems of the fight against diffuse pollution of agricultural origin and the definition of an adapted strategy
  • Development of the skills of SONEDE’s communication teams and AVFA

Design of a communication strategy and plan for a raising awareness of water saving at the national level :

  • Visual translation of the water conservation awareness campaign at the national level.
    and the formulation of its messages and editorial content for each of the beneficiaries.
  • Organization of several workshops in the different project phases
  • Elaboration and printing of communication supports
  • Elaboration and printing of flyers, brochures and supports of the water saving awareness campaign.


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