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Recruitment of a firm for the development and implementation of a communication plan for the Central African Fiber Optic Backbone Project – CAR Component (CAB CAR)

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

Central African Republic

Project description:

The Central African Republic considers the CAB project as a tool for sustainable development.

The process of its implementation requires a broad participation of stakeholders (central and local administrations, local and indigenous communities, civil society, private sector, partners) and of the different economic and digital sectors. It is for this reason that the Communication and Awareness Plan is considered one of the main tools of the CAB project. In addition, it should be noted that the project is the subject of two co-financing grants from the ADB and the EU and that as such it is important to communicate on the development impacts of this operation.

One of the responsibilities of the UCP/CAB is to ensure the promotion of the project and the optical infrastructures, in particular, to increase its visibility and its relations with the partners. The development of the communication plan of the CAB-RCA project is therefore part of this dynamic.

As a reminder, the communication plan aims at transmitting to target groups, messages related to the action of each of the partners in the project sector, and to inform these target groups in a transparent manner on the progress of the project and its impacts.

Thus, the global objectives of communication will be to show how the optical fiber infrastructures as well as the communicating administration contribute to the economic and social development of the CAR, and more particularly to expose the stakes of the digital opening up of the country and the regional integration promoted considerably through the present operation.

More specifically, the paper will outline the project’s achievements and their impacts, particularly in terms of diversification of the Central African economy thanks to the significant increase in tax revenues and the considerable reduction in the cost of economic and social transactions, the digital opening up of rural areas coupled with regional integration through a fiber optic infrastructure providing access to neighboring countries (Cameroon and Congo), and the revival of the social pact through the creation of employment opportunities, particularly for young people.

Finally, the communication will mention the origin of the project financing through the EU/Bank/RCA partnership. It will recall the role of each of the partners and how this project is consistent with their respective policies and strategic frameworks.

The general objective assigned to this study is to develop a communication and advocacy plan for the CAB-RCA Project over the duration of the project to raise awareness of the project and provide better visibility on the activities and services provided.

More specifically, the communication plan must allow to

– Analyze the different communication strategies and actions in place and ensure their consistency;

– Define the communication and promotion tools for the CAB-RCA project as well as the appropriate means, channels and tools;

– Define an online promotion strategy for the CAB-RCA project, particularly through social networks;

– Define a marketing approach to attract new technical and financial partners;

– Define an approach to enable digital economy actors to better know and use the products and services provided by the CAB-RCA project;

– Propose a detailed timeline and budget for the implementation of the communication strategy;

– Determine for the duration of the project the priorities in terms of communication and advocacy and the results to be achieved for the promotion of the project at both the strategic and community levels

– Determine the activities to be implemented in order to increase popular support for the promotion of fiber optics and its appropriation by the various stakeholders;

– Determine the actors and targets as well as the appropriate channels, media, means and tools;

– Identify the current and potential communication channels, as well as the most appropriate modes and means of communication (channels, media, supports, messages, etc.) for each target group;

– Identify the themes to be addressed and the development of messages;

– Develop ́ a communication and awareness plan objectively applicable in the context of the CAB-RCA project, which also incorporates a timeline;

– Ensure the participation of beneficiaries in the proposed activities;

– Organize a mini-workshop to validate said plan.

Services :

Diagnostic report of the current situation and recommendations.
Report on the analysis of the perception and expectations by segment.
MEDIA PLAN project, with the presentation of some models.
Report on the pre-tests and the modifications taken into account from the evaluations of the panels constituted.
Production of the MEDIA PLAN submitted to the partners for approval.
Evaluation report on the impacts of the communication and awareness campaign and recommendations for reframing measures, if necessary.
Draft final report.
Final report.


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