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Capacity Building for Skills Management, Training and Training of Trainers

Ministry of Water Resources and Environment



General objective:

This is the support to the environment sector policy by
Algeria, and more specifically, capacity building and
sector skills in formulation, implementation and evaluation
national programs and environmental strategy.

Specific objectives:

  • Strengthen the capacities and skills of environment sector managers at different levels of intervention ;
  • Ensure the capitalization and dissemination of training achievements and good practices through the training of the referent trainers who will disseminate the principles, the methods and tools initiated for each of the training themes of the present market, in particular by the CNFE and the CNTPP ;

  • Ensure I transfer. The exploitation of the acquired skills and their sustainability. Through Support for participants in their institutions to be introduced Organizational and managerial modalities “oriented” to projects/programs”.

    Results to be achieved:

R1 : The capacities of managers at the strategic management, operational management and technical and scientific levels of the environmental sector are strengthened;

R2: Methods and tools for the organization, management, monitoring and evaluation of programs and activities are appropriated by the beneficiary organizations, particularly the CNFE and CNTPP for their consulting, training and awareness raising activities.


The entry retained for the structuring of the training themes is the one based on the different scales of intervention of the personnel of the environment sector. To this end, three levels of capacity building will be distinguished:

Functional area of the strategic level:

This area of training is aimed at strategic level personnel (top management). in charge of orienting, piloting and evaluating strategies and programs relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, efficiency, impact and efficiency. durability.

Organizational domain of the operational management level:

This area training program is intended for middle management personnel involved in the following activities on all cross-functional and support functions in organizations. This domain is focused on the goals of organizational strategy.

Technical and scientific domain: core business and environmental expertise:

This domain training program is intended for personnel responsible for implementing, monitoring and evaluate programs and projects involving environmental expertise.

The training themes selected for this technical and scientific level
should help to strengthen and update skills related to I The emergence of new environmental concerns and innovations technologies that require new skills that will sometimes to the point of structuring new jobs.


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