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Capacity Building for Institutional Actors in the Electricity Sector (Directorate General of Energy (DGE), Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency (ARSEL), Energie Electrique du Congo (E2C), National Rural Electricity Agency (ANER))

Water, Electricity and Urban Development Project Coordination Unit (PEEDU) – Ministry of Energy and Hydraulics

Congo Brazzaville

The objective of the consultation is to provide technical assistance to the government in building the capacity of the staff of the institutional actors of the electricity sector (DGE, ARSEL and ANER).

The selected consultants will have to ensure the training of DGE, ARSEL and ANER staff in the modules listed below:

  • Module 1 – Financing energy projects (production, transmission and distribution) :

Mastery of economic and financial analysis as a decision-making tool at the various stages of progress of an energy production, transport and distribution project. Planning/Pre-feasibility study (preliminary design) / Feasibility study (detailed design);

  • Module 2 – Training on Power Purchase Agreements :

Participants are given a comprehensive opportunity to understand all the nuances of power purchase agreements.

  • Module 3 – Traditional pricing training :

Participants should have a good understanding of electricity pricing, tariff structure construction and tariff regulation mechanisms.

  • Module 4 – Training on tariff regulation :

Participants are given an opportunity to understand the financing requirements of the electricity network operator’s business and, consequently, the tariffs that result from this.

  • Module 5 – Financing Decentralised Rural Electrification (DRE) Projects :

Mastery of economic and financial analysis as a decision-making tool at the different stages of a decentralised rural electrification (DRE) project.

Planning/Pre-feasibility study (preliminary design) /Feasibility study (detailed design).


  • Start-up meeting and presentation followed by a report to frame the training and set up the modules;
  • Preparation of training courses on PPT media;
  • Organisation of distance learning courses, facilitation, and case studies.

List of deliverables provided :

Each module was the subject of deliverables consisting of :

  • Specific report for each course and module ;
  • Training materials, PPT presentation and documentation ;
  • Case studies ;
  • Evaluation of training courses ;
  • Issuance of certificates ;



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