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Strengthening the National Council for Human Rights’ Capacity to Investigate and Manage Cases of Human Rights Violations


National Council for Human Rights



The general objective of the project, signed on December 19, 2012, is to contribute to the respect of human rights and the consolidation of democracy in the Morocco.

General objective :

In accordance with the provisions of the financing agreement of the project

Protect and to promote human rights in Morocco’, the present service has the following objectives purpose of carrying out a technical assistance mission to support consolidation
The National Council for Human Rights is the institutional body of the National Council for Human Rights.

Specific objective :

The specific objective of this mission is to strengthen the capacity of the NHRC to exercise its function of human rights protection.


The action strategy focuses on strengthening the capacity of the entities and human resources in charge of activities related to the protection function of DH to level of the CNDH through (i) support for the operationalization of the new organization and to the formulation of a capacity building strategy (ii) a support to the production of procedure guides for handling complaints and investigations and monitoring adapted to the various categories of rights under the (iii) the subsequent training of members and staff, (iv) the development of the Board’s from the NHRC to rights and procedures above, and (iv) the establishment of a system for the local and central computerized management/tracking of data and activities in the field.
relating to the protection function, which is intended to be incorporated in the the Intranet and the future NHRC information system.

It is necessary to to note that the mission will take into account the activities carried out or in progress of realization, in relation to the field of the requested services. Indeed:

  • an application has just been developed by the services of the CNDH for the management of data relating to the processing of complaints (application in the process of being operationalized);
  • A draft procedures manual for complaint management is being finalized by a team of NHRC members and staff.

The services requested will help to set up on the court
the fundamentals, skills and tools for a better exercise of the
protective function: structures, essential procedures, tools for protection, etc.


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