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Reinforcement of Institutional and Operational Capacities

Ministry of the Civil Service

the Democratic Republic of Congo

The project “Selection of an international consulting firm to support the Ministry of Civil Service in strengthening the institutional and operational capacities of the civil service inspectorate in the context of public administration reform” is part of the Reform and Rejuvenation of the Administration of the Democratic Republic of Congo Project.

This project is part of an Action Plan to address the dysfunction of the Public Administration of the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and has targeted priority and strategic actions to be carried out to promote a Modern Public Administration for an emerging DR Congo in 2030,

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen institutional and technical capacities of the

Operational aspects of the Civil Service Inspectorate within the framework of the Reform of Public Administration

The aim of the project is to assist the Congolese Government in the elaboration of an inventory of fixtures at the General Inspectorate of the Civil Service, of an adequate legal framework regulating the classification of jobs in a professional control body and of an Action Plan for the reinforcement of the capacities of the Management.

The aim is to carry out three main activities, divided as follows:

– Elaborate an inventory of fixtures,
– To classify the jobs of a professional control body within an adequate legal framework,
– Develop an Action Plan to strengthen the capacity of the General Inspectorate of the Civil Service (IGFP).


Step 0: Calibration and launch: Organization of the mission with the beneficiary and establishment of a steering, communication and validation structure:

– First debriefing with the project managers.
– Launching note
– Presentation meetings
– Definitive schedule of the “diagnosis and inventory of fixtures” and Maintenance Guide.
– Start-up report.
– Seminar or workshop
Step 1: Diagnosis of the existing situation and inventory of fixtures: Diagnosis of strategy, structure, behavior and system (legal, organizational, IS, HRM, …):

– Situation of the existing known, proposals,
– work orientations and recommendations
– Progress Report
– Seminar or workshop
Step 2: Job classification of the professional body of

Control: Job classification, job description,

Organization and legal framework :

– Statutory position of the IGFP guaranteeing its authority and the motivation of its staff.
– Progress report.
– Seminar or workshop.
Step 3: Identification of Needs and Drafting of an Action Plan for the Strengthening of the IGFP’s Capabilities

– Final report presenting a real project for IGFP capacity building
– Action plan broken down into actions to be undertaken and implementation schedule
– Seminar or workshop
– The results are also analyzed by thematic: based on the achievement of results from the following angles following :

– Missions and organization of the IFP
– Human resources Information and ICT in general.


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