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Strengthening of MFAL Actions for the Implementation of a Nitrate Pollution Monitoring Network and the Application of CoGAP

Ministère de l’Alimentation, de l’Agriculture et de l’Elevage


Turkey is in the process of harmonizing its legislation with that of the EU in the field of environment. Therefore, it has chosen to cooperate with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forestry for the finalization of the harmonization methods for the analysis of nitrates in water (NVZ) in order to review and update its monitoring network. This project will act as a follow-up to the recently completed technical assistance project.

Overall objective:

The overall objective of the mission is to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Nutrition, Agriculture and Livestock (MoFAL) to fulfill its role towards the National Group for the reduction of nitrate pollution caused by agricultural sources and the initiation of the process of the implementation of the European Nitrate Directive.

Specific objectives:

– Provide support for the continued improvement of data collection and assessment and improvement of the capacity of the provincial authorities and the Ministry in this direction.

– Provide strategic advice and support to the Ministry to initiate policies to implement the Code of Good Agricultural Practice (CoGAP).

Expected Results:

Implementation of the Code of Good Agricultural Practices policies:

– Preparation of the Code of Good Agricultural Practices (CoGAP) to provide guidance and strengthen the CoGAP project initially implemented by the recipient.

– Provide two animations (5mns), a video (15mns), 1,500 brochures and 1,500 posters around the Farmers’ Guide to the Code of Good Agricultural Practices (CoGAP).

– Provide six action plans on CoGAP implementation policies.

– Provide a report on the study tour abroad, including information on the list of participants, the agenda, and the background knowledge reinforced and acquired during the study tour.

Evaluation of existing data and new suggestions for harmonization of water analysis methods:

– Preparing the water quality analysis report including the current situation in Turkey referring to the analysis of nitrate trends in waters for the period 2008-2012, classification of surface and ground waters into quality classes, harmonization of nitrate analysis methods.

Update and Alignment of the Nitrate Pollution Monitoring Network:

– Prepare NVZ report on review and update of Nitrate Pollution Monitoring Network and compilation of NVZs and PNVZs based on data from 2008-2012.


– Implementation of the Code of Good Agricultural Practices (Co GAP): A Farmer’s Guide to Good Agricultural Practices was implemented including:

– A film (about 15 minutes) was shot to raise awareness among farmers on good agricultural practices.

These videos were produced in Turkish language.

– 1500 brochures (A5 or A5) and 1500 posters were also prepared in Turkish.

– Two animation videos (about 5 minutes each) were also shot.

– The scripts for two animations were prepared in collaboration with the agricultural environment and management staff of the water quality department. The animations were in 2D and 3D and included the topics below:

1: Water Quality Monitoring
2: CoGAP (Code of Good Agricultural Practices)
– Provincial workshops on CoGAP were implemented: Six provincial workshops were organized in selected provinces. In these workshops, there were interactive discussions on the participants’ problems. There were about 100 participants for each workshop. The results of the workshops were recorded.

– A study tour abroad was organized: A study tour to Italy for 15 ministry officials (who have already been trained to establish the CoGAP codes).

The purpose of the study tour was to familiarize the participants with the experience on enforcement practices and policies for CoGAP implementation.
The visit included meetings/discussions with the relevant authorities in the visiting country and exchange of experiences. The duration of the study visit was 5 days.

An evaluation of the existing data by proposing a better harmonization of water analysis methods as well as analysis of nitrate trends in water was done.
An update of the nitrate pollution monitoring network was done.



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